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Whether it's true or not...

We're all panicking over nothing. Seriously.

Just because an anime is licensed does not mean that fansub groups online will not continue with it. Yes, you will lose some groups because of the licensing issue. ANBU is a good example of this. However, for all that you lose, there are still many out there who will continue to provide fansubbing for fans.

Trust me on this; I've seen it happen before. When Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex was first licensed, the same uproar happened. However, several NEW fansubbing groups came onto the scene and continued where the old groups had left off. Same for Gundam SEED. Bandai announced it was licensing SEED in America, and several of the well-respected fansub groups stopped subbing out of respect for the license. The rest went on their merry way, making it available for all interested.

There's nothing to be "discontented" over, nothing to get upset over, especially if it concerns continuing the stream of fansubs. Really, now... you think that an anime that good would be left by the wayside just because it gets licensed?
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