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Curse of the crimson Elixir “Bonus Mission”

I’m sorry for breaking any rules but I did not know where else to ask and I couldn’t find any thing about this in the “Memories” section.

I recently discovered this in a few gaming sites for Curse of the crimson Elixir, so I decided to try it out.

Bonus mission
Achieve all "A" ranks in the first five chapters to unlock a bonus mission where you must face Roy Mustang; defeating him is easy if you are level 25 or higher. After defeating him an intermission sequence will play. Save the game, then start a new game and it will say "Bonus Story".

After a long hard struggle, I finally achieved all ‘A’ rankings in the required missions...and nothing happened....the game just continued on like normal....no Roy fight at all.... *dies*

I’m assuming I’m just missing some tiny little thing.
Has anyone else tried getting this?
Or is it just a really cruel joke or something?

I would absolutely adore any help you guys could give. It would mean a lot to me. *huggles*

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