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Cosplay meet up - AnimeFest?

Does anyone know if there might be any FMA cosplay gatherings at AnimeFest this coming weekend? I'm cosplaying as Mini-skirt Riza (you can't miss me since I can't hide the tattoo on my right leg) and my roommate's male friend is going as Roy (could pass for the spitting image of a young 20'ish Roy, no lie). This is going to be "Roy's" first con but we don't want to scare him though we did warn him how some fangirls can be. I thought it'd be neat to participate in a cosplay gathering and actually BE there when it happens and not be told an hr or so later that I missed it.

If there isn't one that's fine, we'll still be walking around on Sat and Sun so I'm sure we won't be hard to miss since the con is still a bit small.

Thanx in advance.



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