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Ficlet: Cliche

I've got all these fanfics on my hard drive. That sentence was actually a bit off: I've got three ficlets on my hard drive, and this is the second one I've posted.

Title: Cliche
Pairing: Roy/Ed
Genre: Romance, fluff, a little humor.
Rating: PG for a little language and acts of ravishing.
Disclaimer: I don't own Fullmetal Alchemist, though I do have a Al action figure and an Al flashlight. And the cut text is from "Is It Any Wonder?" by Keane, which is a lovely band.
Comments: Holy Heiderich in Heaven! Who got me to write Roy/Ed fluff? Who?
So I started writing this, and I could only think, This is horribly like every other Roy/Ed, no, romance that I have read. So I decided to flow with it.
Thanks to Koneko-chan for reading this first, and telling me it was the most adorable thing she has ever read. Ahem.

To be of this world again was a kindness. A relief, a joy, etcetera, etcetera. Alphonse couldn’t stop grinning for a month; I wasn’t prepared to stop him as I hadn’t seen that grin for so long.
I couldn’t start grinning. I was happy, of course, to be with all the familiar things, to be home. It might be cliche, it might be entirely stupid, but part of me was missing. (I know that Al would laugh and poke my metal shoulder, telling me that of course I’m missing something. That’s when he would stop grinning, if only for a minute.)
It was something entirely different. I thought I’d been chasing after a legendary stone, in the end a body for my brother. But I still need something?

I turned to him that day in the office, gave him a look that might have been maniacle or it might have been completely sane.
Let’s fall in love.
His one eye flitted towards me, his mouth a little open. He looked incredulous...but then he gave a smile, a genuine smile.
The first time I’d ever got a smile out of Mustang that wasn’t a smirk. My heart fluttered and it filled a little.
That void, no matter how cliche in existence, was getting smaller.

It was freezing cold (hell hath no fury like a Central winter) outside when we went for a walk. He was holding me close to him, even though it was doing nothing to keep me warm. Sentimental bastard...
“Enjoying yourself, Edward?”
“Well, thanks for taking me out into the dead cold of Central to torture me.” Roy’s smile (or was it a smirk?) faltered, but I jabbed him in the side.
“Okay, I am, despite the fact that I can no longer feel my feet and face,” I replied, in all truth. Roy gave me a smirk (I knew it was one, now) and shoved me into a snow drift, nuzzling my neck.
“I don’t think that it’s appropriate to ravish me in public, Roy,” I replied to his affections. He looked directly into my eyes and, in a moment, I felt all that cold go away. I had, for many years past, looked at those eyes and saw the cold countenance of a man who just wanted to cause me annoyance. But why did I suddenly flood with confusion and stillness and something that made my lips tingle?
There was a soft warmth on my lips, and no matter how cliche...that void, he’d filled it.
“We’re so cliche.”
“Mmm, what was that?”
“Never mind.” I grinned like a fool.
Forget cliche, I was fucking happy for once.

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