Chex (dragonalchemist) wrote in fm_alchemist,

A Strange Case of Pimpin'

Not to Mod: Just in case, I'll say that if this is a problem, I'm sorry. Pimpin' isn't my thing. :D In any case, if it's bad to do this, go ahead and take pertinent action.

So some people know about zoo_gnosis, I assume. Y'know. The crazy community that turns our favorite characters from Fullmetal Alchemist into animals.

Yes. Well.

So I had an insane idea a while ago, and it kept bugging me and bugging me until I finally growled to myself and created the blasted community at two o'clock this morning.

Oh, it's zoo, alright. Zoo!RP.

Feel free to shoot me if you want, but I find the prospect highly amusing. And so do a few other people, it seems.


All the info is right here:

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