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I'm going to make sure also...

Anime Central is this coming weekend, and FUNi is scheduled to have a panel there, as are other anime companies. I do plan on attending it just to hear for certain if HagaRen has indeed been picked up. I'm holding off on the discontent until I hear for sure, but if nothing else Anime News Network usually reports what companies say at their con panels, which might be faster then what I can post as I won't really have net access til Sunday... ^-^

[edit] here is what has posted:

Full Metal Alchemist Licensed (06:48 AM EST): According to the PS2 site on IGN, FUNimation announced Full Metal Alchemist at E3 this week. "Funimation will handle distributing the Fullmetal Alchemist cartoon in North America -- a cartoon that has already sold 51 episodes to Cartoon Network for an October air date." According to those who were at the conference, there has been no mention of which flavor of Cartoon Network it'll be on (Adult Swim or Toonami) while the disc release is apparently slated for January 2005 in the now becoming traditional method for FUNimation of the single disc and starter kit method.
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