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FMA licensing fuss - attempt to recap

Just trying to make things clearer for everybody, but I'll probably just confuse everybody further.

1. It started with rumors and an article saying that it was announced at one of the pre-conferences for E3(big gaming convention) that Funi licensed FMA and that it would air in October.
2. Animesuki marked FMA as 'licensed'.
3. Anbu say they'll give up FMA if it's true, and remove all their torrents.
4. Sonchou say they will keep going anyway.
5. Anbu then say it *isn't* official. Their channel title says 'We haven't dropped FMA yet'.
6. Nobody knows what is going on exactly. Fangirls panic through all this stuff.

Conclusion: wtf? Well at least Sonchou said they won't let us down whatever happens. So, we can chill. But I suppose we can expect the whole thing to be official soon enough, unless it was all a big mistake.

(so, did that help any or did I just confuse you all over again?)
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