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Go Funimation! ^_^!!

Hi everyone, just got back from the FMA movie premire. Got to say it was completly awsome, well exceded my expectations. Funimation did a kick a** job. My only complaints were, the added blushing marks, and lack of german accents. (I'm aware it is a english dub, but come on. Lots of dubs i've seen bother to add in accents.) Besides those two things, everything else was well done. From Heiderich's Voice actor, to the well place new sound effects. I was very impressed with the Voices and acting. Though Al's Voice was having maturity problems. but thats ok we love Aaron Dismuke anyway.<3 Me and my freinds were nerds and brought FMA plushies. Below is a pic of me waiting for it to be 9:30:
(Srry its not well edited infact i didnt edit it at all. just slapped it together in 20 seconds)

OH YEAH. If you saw the movie at Holly Wood Connections in West Vally City Utah. and was annoyed buy 4 people in the back talking and having fangasims.... It was me and my group. Sorry, i apologize. ^_^"

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