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Anbu gave up FMA - but we're not dead

Quoting: "We will indeed stop fansubbing Fullmetal Alchemist if it truly is licensed. Now, I don't want you to create 234534 threads about how we are fuckers for not continuing it, I'm sure there will be PLENTY of vulture groups and fame hungry groups to pick it up and destroy the whole series with their shitty speed subbing. I won't say any names, but I have so many in mind...
Anyway, I already removed all the torrents from our tracker, enjoy."

And, I'm going to repeat myself again. We have lots of options here!
1) Hope some other group decides to keep going. Even Anbu thinks there'll be people to go on. (sonchou? other?)
2) Turn to a group based outside of USA that still do English subs and beg them very nicely to pick it up. (ie SPA)
3) Pick up subs in another language. (ie French)
4) In relation to 3, have people write down scripts from the subs in other languages for the people who only know English. (I'd help. I know French.)

It's OK people. We're going to get through, one way or another.
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