takarifreak (takarifreak) wrote in fm_alchemist,

So today, I was finally compiling my old music files into my iTunes folder with all my bought and Cd imported music.

Then when I cleared out my iTunes library and readded everything so it was complete with no holes/duplicated.

And it did a VERY bad thing.

It screwed up ALL my Hagaren Song File stuff...ALL of it.  Despite the fact that the text was in english characters, some of the songs it completly warped the title, like one was changed to \03 »È®É­p.mp3.  WTFH?

There are a few that were left alone enough for me to tell which was which for me to fix.  But the rest, I'm pretty clueless on.

So a request of you wonderful people....can you list me the track names for them?  Just give 'em all (or what you remeber), and I hopefully can narrow everything down.  If you have the track TIMES too, I'd be very greatful, since that would help me figure out which is which on my own without having to possibly having to track them down and redownload then (which I really don't want to have to do out of fear iTunes will screw it up all over again).  Some of them I've only listened to once or twice, so I can't recognize any that way.

Thanks a ton.  And have some cookies.  Everyone loves cookies.

And Pie.  Come on, who doesn't like pie?

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