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first edition painted lady


Hi! It seems I have been sucked firmly into the FMA fandom, which is a great thing, but it leaves me slightly beta-less, since the person I send my fics to isn't nearly as into FMA as I am. So I'm here with a request for a beta. *sheepish smile*

My most pressing thing right now is this 3,000 word Hughes/Roy one-shot I've just completed, that I would really like to have someone nitpick the crap out of before I post it anywhere. And when I say nitpick the crap out of, I mean the whole deal, from little things like misspellings and run-on sentences to complete fic deconstruction. I especially want to know if pieces contribute to the greater meaning, and if certain parts of my prose sound really purple or just plain dumb and OOC.

A beta just for this one fic would be great, but it would be really awesome if I could get a good, mean beta reader for the long haul. *hopeful look*

Just to show you that my unbeta'd fic isn't completely hopeless, here's two FMA pieces I have already written, one Hughes/Roy and the other Roy/Ed.

Anyway, if you're interested, just leave a comment here and I'll add you under my "beta" filter and link you to the post on my journal. You can comment directly on that post, send me an e-mail (it's in my userinfo) or talk to me on AIM (I'm ratsalley), whichever is best. I tend to like direct discussion, but whatever works.

Thanks in advance!

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