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FullMetal Alchemist Fan Fic: "On the Wings of a Dream" - Chapter 1.5

FullMetal Alchemist Fan Fic:

Title: "On the Wings of a Dream" - Chapter 1.5

Authors:theregaltigress and crazyloststar
Editor: theregaltigress

Characters: Ed, Roy, (Al, Riza, Havoc, and more. :) )
Rating: PG-13 (the "13" part is mostly due to the subtext sprinkled here and there)
Genre: AU (sky_dark's BLTA AU, to be precise), Humor, Romance, Fluff, Drama, Angst
Pairing(s): Roy/Ed, (Al/Riza (pending), Havoc/OC (implied in future chapters))
Length of this (Mini-)Chapter: 459 words
Length of the (Edited) Story to Date: 27,548 words

As this fic is inspired from sky_dark's BLTA (("On the Wings of a Dream" takes place somewhere approximately between BLTA Chapters 7 and 9, so it is a 'tweener fic), so if you haven't read that far into her wonderful fic, you might find a few spoilers within. To get the full impact of this story series, familiarity with "The Adventures of Roy Mustang: Sex Ed Teacher" and its continuation, "Better Living Through Alchemy" would be particularly helpful, but if you aren't, hopefully we can get you up to speed. :) This is based on sky_dark's unique AU "take" on the end of the series, so there are some post-episode 51 "whiffs" and flickers of some movie backstory within the story as a whole. Obviously, since we are not sky_dark, this is not canon to BLTA, but as writers we are trying to stay as true to the characters/events in it as we possibly can. :)

CHAPTER 1: PART 1 (Includes Summary/Prologue) + Art
CHAPTERS 5 - 8+: Editing in Progress
APPX. CHAPTER 9: Riza(/Al) Ficlet
APPX. CHAPTER 10: Al/Riza Ficlet

This particular "mini-chapter" was Written by crazyloststar and Edited by theregaltigress.


It was the dead of night, and while his brother slept, Ed snuck out of the guest room and slid onto the couch in the front room, grabbing the phone off the hook from the end table beside him.

Slowly and gently he dialed the seven digits he needed, and placed the phone against his ear. He drew his legs up to his chest as he listened to the other end ringing. Realizing this might still be loud (and paranoid about accidentally waking Al), he grabbed a pillow from the back of the couch and lay down on his side, placing the pillow over his head to mute his activities.

A muffled voice came over the line. "Mmherooo?"

"Roy? Its me."

A pause. It sounded like Roy was yawning.

"... Ed? … what ... why are you calling? It's three in the morning ..."

"I know I know. Just. I needed to ask you something. I promise this will be quick."

"I miss you." Roy cooed.

Ed felt his cheeks heat up. "Don't pull that shit with me right now. I really need to talk!" He had to fight to keep his voice from escalating. "Look, Al has it big for the Colonel. You were with her, you know more about her than any other guy around." He heard Roy mumble something but choose to ignore it, "so I need your help to get her to notice Al. What made her like you?"

There was another pause. Ed was afraid he had fallen asleep.

"ROY!" he squeezed into the fetal position tighter at realizing how loud he had shouted. He whispered loudly, "Roy!"

"I'm here. Calm down. Really though, is this so important? We can talk when you get home in a few days."

"Noooo I need to talk now! I'm only here through tomorrow and I have to work fast!"

"Trust me, Edward. That woman could never be fooled by anyone. She goes down her own road. You can't pull any fast ones on her."

Ed just lay there for a minute, fuming.

"Goodnight, Ed. See you soon. And I do miss you, you know."

Ed grunted. Lousy bastard, ruining his ideas. "Miss you too." He muttered and hung up immediately, then wrapped his arms around his knees while he grumbled to himself.

For the next few minutes, Ed just lay there on the couch, curled up tightly into a ball like some frustrated teenager, and nothing like the twenty-three years of age he actually was.

The pillow, for its part, continued simply to leisurely rest on the side of the FullMetal Alchemist's head. It shuffled whenever one of his grumbles became particularly violent.

It was going to be a long night ahead for one Edward Elric.



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