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The tehharem is nearing its One Year birthday, and in celebration we're pimping it out there yet again seeking more members. With 80+ members already, we're growing strong, but we always love to see new faces!

Who we are: A bunch of FMA fans who are fans of the sub, dub, manga, yaoi fanfics, het fanfics, yuri fanart, everything! We're equal opportunity offenders. :D

What we are: An LJ Community/AIM(AOL) chatroom for fans of FullMetal Alchemist. We're a fanart. fanfic, etc. type of group. And general duscussion. (Most of our chats are considered R-rated. As well as the fanfic posted.)

What we are not: Not much of an RP group, and not a hangout for the dub voice actors. (Though we do get one or two occassionally).

Still interested? Join now!

~tehharem ~


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