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Emotion Icons

Okay, I have been working on these for a few months now. Its been a long process and a tiring one. I wont be making another set, so I wanted to share these. I know they aren't all the same size, but thats because of the pictures I was working with. Every emotion has it own picture to go with it. :) Thats where the work was really coming into place. I made sure of that. And they all have Ed in the picture one way or another.

So now! Enjoy everyone. http://pics.livejournal.com/octavia_hemahi/gallery/00034bk8 I don't care if you hot link. Just please give credit to me! Thats all I ask cause it was alot of work. So now....Please enjoy! Also tell me what you think. Also I would like to add. If the Mods for this community would like to use the emotion Icons as well I wouldn't mind. I would be honored. :) So all ENJOY!!!

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