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OMG. Fluff.

Wow, okay. My first FMA fic.

Title: Graveyard Dreams
Summary: Al is woken up in the middle of the night by... something. Or someone.
Disclaimer: Not mine. No characters are mine and I'm probably stealing this plot from somewhere.
Author: atrypical
Characters: Al, and Ed (sort of).
Pairing: None, surprisingly.
Rating: PG? At the higest? XD
Spoiler Warnings: ...PROOOOOBABLY end-of-series spoilers.
Notes: I so intended this to turn out as a smutfic, but it just didn't want to do it. XD


Alphonse Elric woke up, trembling in his bed. "Brother? Brother, are you there?" He looked over at the window - it was far too early and far too rainy for him to get up... except that...

Except that he could have sworn he saw someone looking back at him through the window, someone with corn-colored hair and golden eyes. "Brother?..."

It couldn't be him. His brother was gone... on the other side of the Gate. That's what he had been told. But still... Al threw on a rain jacket and some boots, and slowly crept out of the house.

It was grey, and too dim yet to see much. There was a flash of red out of the corner of his eye, and he ran off after it, through the trees and to...

The graveyard. Al walked in slowly, not wanting to disturb the bodies resting there. The red flash seemed to lead up to a specific grave, and then stop. ...Of course.

Their mother's grave. Of course Ed - if it was indeed Ed - would come here. Al walked up to the grave, and turned to the flicker of crimson. "Ed? It's okay, Ed, you can say something..."

The flash turned into a streak, whizzing around and around his head until he fell to his knees. "Brother, stop it! I'm here... what do you need?..."

The streak paused and bobbed in the air, before forming into the form of Edward Elric. "Alphonse..." Ed seemed to call. "Alphonse, I'm here. I miss you... Alphonse..."

Al reached out a hand to touch his brother, but it went right through. "Brother, what's happening?"

"I'm here, but I'm not here, Al. I'm on the other side of the Gate... but I'm here with you..." Ed's voice said softly. "I love you, Al..."

"...I love you too, Ed..." Al murmured, before flopping down in the grass and mud.


They found him, the next morning, curled up near Trisha Elric's grave. He was covered in dirt and grime, and was mumbling in his sleep. Most of it they couldn't understand, but one word they did.


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