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2 FMA things - Did I mention I was bored?

And manga and episode 31 spoilers:

I know that they will run out of manga, and need to make their own ending for the anime, but was it really neccesiary to make the child Wrath? I mean, in the manga Fuhrer is Wrath. Couldn't they of made the kid Pride? We still don't know who Pride is in the manga. I understand Sloth was changed aswell, but Sloth has only had a one panel cameo in the manga so far, while much of manga volumes 7+ deal with the Fuhrer being a sin. I mean, using the same manga, they could get atleast 10-15 episodes, and stretching them out and making more Gaiden episodes, we could of gotten more of the manga animated.


I'm kinda' dissapointed. Any other opinions?

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