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Fullmetal CAST!

I was really bored last week in Study hall, so I started doodling FMA characters. This led to the first section of a picture that is, as of writing, three pages in size and probably going (eventually) to grow by several more pages. Originally, I wasn't going to post this until I finished it and maybe coloured it, but since that doesn't seem like it's going to happen anytime soon - my drawing skills have abandoned me this week - I figured I might as well post what I've done so far.

The Incomplete Fullmetal Cast!

For those that wonder, the japanese in the picture reads, from left to right top to bottom, 'sorede, boku ga iimashita,' 'tabete ii?' and 'dareka mametsubu dochibika-!!!'

To be added to the picture:
-Tricia(?) (or whatever the elric's mom is named)
-Fat dude (the one who dresses up as Armstrong in... 30?)
-Gran(does anyone know if he shows up in the manga? o_O)
-Pride, whenever we find out what it looks like
-Greed's three+ lackeys
-Izumi's husband
-Slice Brothers
-That other guy from the meat shop.
-and others, maybe. o__o
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