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[Art Dump]

Hi everyone! I haven't shared much for a long time, so I figured with my new DA name up, I'd give some fanart! : D I hope you all like ^^ Please, if you have time, leave comments and perhaps advice on how to better the picture? : O

Title: Noticed
Character(s): Edward Elric of Fullmetal Alchemist (zoofic version)
Rating: PG for bare shoulder? : O
Notes: I did this some time ago in MS paint, and I absolutely loved how it turned out. It took me maybe a half an hour at most, which amazed me to no end, but hey, I love it! XD So yeah, enjoy! I'm a huge fan of Zoofic, so hopefully I'm not the only one~?

Title: Step Right Up
Character(s): Edward Elric of Fullmetal Alchemist
Rating: PG-13 for blood.
Notes: Did this a few months ago while in a Algebra class. Shows how much I appreciate mathematics XD; Completely drawn and filled in with a ballpoint pen.

Title: What's a Dream and What's Real
Character(s): Ling Yao and Edward Elric of Fullmetal Alchemist, the manga
Rating: PG/PG-13 for mild blood
Notes: Drew this a long time ago. It was an old birthday gift for sky_dark. Done with prismacolors and then photoshopped a little contrast into it. I wanted to especially convey the shock of the moment in this picture, and that's why I made the contrast so drastic. It was a huge turning point for the manga, so I want this to be a huge turning point for artists to take a gander at.

Title: To be like you...
Character(s): Sakaki of Same Cell Organism
Rating: G
Notes: The manga Same Cell Organism is a collection of short stories, all shounen-ai, and of course I fell in love with this particular tale about an angel named Yuki who remains on Earth with the young man he loves, Sakaki (who is human). Sometime in the future I'll be cosplaying Sakaki, so I felt the need to draw him out. I know, his right leg is horribly un proportioned, sorry! XD

Title: Hanabi (Fire Flower/ Fireworks)
Character(s): Hanabi (an original character of mine)
Rating: none
Notes: Just an original concept I felt like drawing. I like gay boys with long hair, what can I say XD; I drew it with mechanical pencil and then photoshopped the blue hue. Hope you all like : 3

Also, I'm accepting requests on this LJ post, so if you'd like me to draw something for you, just let me know and I'll try my hardest to do it for you! : D

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