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Hi there. I left the FMA fandom for a while after I found my obsession with KH. My FMA fandom slapped in the face a couple days ago. . . It hurts, but it hurts good. X3

I've also started writing fanfiction again, so I bring you two drabble-y things. The first one is really pointless fluff and the second is. . . Also pointless, but I'm starting to write for Kimblee/Hughes pairing! :O

[Title] Peaceful
[Fandom] Fullmetal Alchemist
[Pairing] Al+Scar
[Request] techno_beat → Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist, Pairing: Al/Scar, Dialogue: "Do you like cupcakes?", Extra: sunflowers
[Genre] General, kinda fluffy romance?
[Rating] G
[Summary] Alphonse brings scar to Resembool.
[Word Count] 184
[Spoilers] None.
[Author] Fic Journal → owninglamers|akaeoko ← Personal Journal.
[Beta] shiny_lights
[A/N] Haha, I kinda suck at Al/Scar. Oh well. I love you, techno_beat. I hope you're happy. :)

(It was a place for him. A place for him and Alphonse.)

[Title] The Space Between
[Fandom] Fullmetal Alchemist
[Pairing] Kimblee+Hughes [is a bitch to write.]
[Theme] 10_passions #08, The Space Between Us. Theme List
[Genre] General
[Rating] G
[Summary] During the Ishvar war, Hughes spots a very interesting, nice looking man.
[Word Count] 331
[Spoilers] None, unless you don't know who Kimblee is.
[Author] Fic Journal → owninglamers|akaeoko ← Personal Journal.
[Beta] mirroredsakura
[A/N] This pairing is kinda bitchy to write with plot, so I kinda worry about this. :\ Set during the Ishvar war, if you can't tell. . . I don't know how much plot I can get out of this, but I'll try. Or just write pointless smut. What's wrong with that, eh? XD I am also aware that the title of this fic is very original. :x *snort* Comments are love :)

(Roy never returned like that; he was always tired, depressed and quiet.)

Both links go to my fic journal. :)
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