baby_kitty_toes (baby_kitty_toes) wrote in fm_alchemist,

art: Sloth + Wrath for Kecen

A while ago i said that if you's wirte or draw me some femme!Ed fan works, then I'd do a character or two of your pick!  

Kecen drew me a cute little femme!ed pic so here's the Sloth and Wrath picture you asked for!  ( She really wanted Dooku x Grievous -which killed me and i couldn't draw it no matter how hard i tried- but sloth and wrath was her second pick...)

Click pic to see larger size.

Hope you like it!

Anyways, the offer still stands.  If you do me a nice little femme!Ed story or art and i'll draw a character or two for you in return.  Lets try to keep the pairs from FMA.  If you do make something for me, please make sure to comment here or on my LJ so i can see it and figure outwhat you want in return.

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