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Developing a multi-fan

Hello, some of you may remember my other RP here, though just awhile ago I made a LJ version of it that can be found here: lotc_rp. Which I plan on making quite different from the forum version(partly because most of the features I had going on with it err... can't convert over).

I guess you could also consider this to be a "help wanted" ad too, since I'm looking for a staff to help me decide what I should do with it. So you might as well ignore the plot story for now because it'll probably be changed, though there is several rules that I'm definitely keeping:

1 - No character max, OCs are accepted too but are ratioed by the amount of canons(probably somethig like 1/4 or so, activity plays a factor too). RP journals are welcomed too but not required
2 - Unlike most multi-fans, we do take more than one version of a canon(ie: an armor!Al and restored!Al can coexist, however they must be played by 2 different people). 5 versions is the max, and these also can include AUs or popular fanmades (like the BBI game, or anything creative. Though must be within some reason)
3 - There will be a seprate community for 'dating' and so forth. That way pairings can happen(real or cracked), and it won't interfer with the main RP

Characters on the FMA side that have been taken(or on the reserve) consist of the movie versions of Ed and Al, and one restored version of the manga!Al. Otherwise anyone else it free for the taking.

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