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Al/Xiao Mei Fanart!

Al/Xiao Mei fanart!

Title: The Bride and Groom
Pairing: Al/Xiao Mei (explained in the cut..^_^;)
Rating: G

This is dedicated to tobu_ishi's fanfiction, "Tiny Love". (I can't believe I actually decided to draw it though..XD;) It's here if you want to read it. WARNING though, some mild manga spoilers!

This is my first time drawing Xiao Mei and Mei-chan so sorry if I messed up on them somehow. (And I still need work on drawing Al in the armor..)

If by any chance the image doesn't appear or you want to see it there, here's a link to it at DeviantART.

To DeviantART!

Crossposted to hagaren_manga and alphonse_love.

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