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Now that my seminar is over, I'm back on the fanfiction track XD, and I believe this is my first time posting anything Ed/Winry, though I have several unfinished fics with them.

Title: The Path to the River
Rating: PG
Pairing: Ed/Win
Word Count: 611
Spoilers: end of series
Notes: This fic was actually inspired by the song "The Path to the Pools", though it's far from being a songfic. I don't expect anybody to have ever heard of the song; it's not terribly well known. But I should give credit where credit is due, to Yehoram Tahar-Lev, who wrote the original.
And thanks to Jon, Alex, SeventhDaughter, and evil_kat.  They did their best; any mistakes left are my fault, for experimenting with present tense.
And yet, she pretends that he just forgot...

evil_kat, after reading that, complained how everything I write is morbid and angsty and has a depressing ending. So, to prove her wrong, I wrote a sequel.

Title: Catch a Falling Star
Rating: PG
Pairing: Ed/Win
Word Count: 904
Spoilers: end of series 

Winry can't exactly call it 'moving on', considering there was never anything between them to move on from

(fake cuts to my journal)

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