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Fullmetal Alchemist
Rating: G
Warning: Spoilers for Movie and End of Series
Fic type: Angst, death fic
Characters: Ed, Noa, Hei (mentioned), and Al
Pairing: Read into it as you wish (EdxHei)

They stood together, looking down at the gray stone, hand and hand.  A smile, his laugh, his touch, memories of the blond scientist flickered like ghosts though their thoughts, and together they shared them, dashing the lonely pain of his lost, just for a fleeting moment.

The wind stirred, blowing strains of hair into their face and whipping clothing against legs. Edward Elric his gaze strayed to the dark skinned girl standing at his side. Tears glittered down her heart shaped face. His bare hand squeezed her fingers more, feeling the warmth of her living hand. “Do you remember when… ”

He didn’t need to finish. She smiled, mind filled with his memories. The young man Alphons Heidrich lived there, forever toiling over scrolls of charts, and books of physics. Alphons was at breakfast, bright as the morning, being who he was. “Yes, I remember, Edward,” Noa replied. She dropped her fingers away from his, and Edward’s Elric’s thoughts vanished into the private world they belonged in. “Thank you, Edward.”

“No problem.” The blond scientist pulled on his glove and gestured toward the road and the golden haired boy awaiting their arrival. “It wasn’t as bad as I thought,“ he said. “Sharing it… It was almost like he was alive again.”

“He does live, Edward.” Side by side, they started to walk though the churchyard. “As long as we love him, he will live forever in our thoughts.”

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