Lady Cyon (wofl_iron) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Lady Cyon

Fic Dump: Hei/Al Implied other pairings. All ratings

Title: Between Sheets and Arms
Author: wofl_iron
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Au, Mild Comedy, Yaoi
Pairing: Al x Heiderich
Warnings: Post-Movie AU (SPOILERS)

( He squeezes his eyes tighter, buries his face in the pillow, and tries to think of ice and rain and the dead kitten he’s seen in the road a week ago )

Title: I'll Take the Low Road
Author: wofl_iron
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Angst, Au, Yaoi
Pairing: Al x Heiderich
Warnings: Angst, character death, Post Movie AU (SPOILERS), weird writing style
Notes: For: thewolfplush

( And suddenly, those kisses are painful, to strong a reminder of the way Edward used to kiss. Fast and greedy and he never, never asked, just took and took never spoke a word. )

Title: Horus and Set
Author: wofl_iron
Rating: R
Genre: Au, Lime, Yaoi
Pairing: Al x Heiderich
Warning: love triangle, post-movie AU

( Sex is not a gentle thing. It is rough, demanding; a hopeless search for something Alphonse will not find just by fucking the same person his brother has. )

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