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One Shot - First Love

[fanfic] One Shot - First Love (Forgive my cheesy title)
Disclaimer: I do not own Fullmetal Alchemist, or any rights to merchandise of Fullmetal Alchemist
Author: noob_alchemist
A/N: one shot takes place in the non-alchemical world (our world) in Germany, 1920-something (I can't remember when the movie takes place, XD) a year after the series ended. Edward: age 17, Alfons: age 16. My first time writing sex, period. Idea came to me when I was in a horny mood a few monthes ago.
Pairing: Edward Elric/Alfons Heidrich
Genre: Yaoi, Romance, Smut
Rating: NC-17
Warning[s]: SWEARING, LEMON (lemon = very discriptive sex), END OF SERIES/MOVIE SPOILER[s] (If you haven't seen the FMA movie, & you don't want to have some of it spoiled, DO NOT read this one shot!)
Word Count: 2,018

"Edward, it's not all rubbish..." said Alfons Heidrich as he watched a frustrated Edward Elric crumble up and throw his physics papers at the trash can in their dorm room at the university before stomping out and slamming the door behind him, obviously forgetting that it was the dead of winter out, since he hadn't brought his coat.

Alfons sighed, walking over to the trash can and began picking up Edward's papers, which none of them landed in. "I hope he remembers it's winter out there, and not because he's already gone outside and freezes right away. I hope he comes back inside soon. I worry about him so much...." Al thought out loud. Ever since he'd gotten to know Ed, he'd loved him. He was too afraid to tell him, because Al was certain Ed didn't feel the same way, with how distant he always was.

After almost fifteen minutes since Ed had stormed out, Al was beginning to worry the worst. As he was grabbing his coat, the door flew open, and in staggered a shivering, almost frozen to death Edward Elric.

"F-fucking c-cold weather..." Ed managed between clattering teeth, before his legs went out, causing him to drop to his knees.  
"Edward!" Al cried as he rushed to his comrade’s side after quickly shutting the door. "Ed! What were you doing out there in this freezing weather!?"
"I forgot my coat... and when I tried to get back inside, some bastard thought it was funny to lock me out of the dorms and watch me pound on the door, screaming to be let back in. He finally did after over ten minutes when my hand started to bleed..." Ed winced when Al took his flesh hand and briefly studied it. The knuckles were bloody and raw, he'd have to clean it out and bandage it, and it wouldn't be a bad idea to have the nurse on campus take a look at it too.

Alfons was torn from thought when he heard Ed whimper when he barely touched even one of the open sores. "Sorry Ed, I didn't mean to hurt you anymore than you already are..." Al muttered his apology as he gingerly helped Ed to his bed, throwing several heavy blankets over the still shivering 17-year-old.

"It's okay, Al..." Ed managed a small smile before Al turned to leave, but stopped when Ed made a distressed noise and grabbed Al's arm. "Don't leave me, Al... I'm still so cold..."
"Shh, it's okay, Ed, I just have to get something to clean your hand and wrap it with, I'll be right back don't worry..." saying that to the man he so desperately wanted to be with very nearly ripped his heart in half.

Alfons was back with medical alcohol and bandaging in record time, Edward noticed. He was happy the younger man was back, but he was also nervous about having the alcohol put on his now not bleeding hand.
"Are you sure it's bad enough to have to put that stuff on it, Al?" Ed asked hopefully.
"Edward, I should probably be taking you to a hospital, but I don't think you want to go back outside right now, not after what happened to you."
"You're right, I don't want to go back out," Ed made a toothy grin, causing Alfons to let out a small chuckle.

Alfons sat down on the bed next to Edward, blushing when Ed scooted shoulder-to-shoulder with him, setting his hand on one of Al's legs.

"Well?" Ed asked after a while, moving his gaze from his hand to Al's blue eyes.
"Well what?" Al asked blushing even more as he forced a few erotic thoughts from his head while fighting the urge to lean forward and capture Edward's lips with his.
"Well, aren't you going to put alcohol on my hand, or what?" the golden-eyed teen asked, slight irritation in his voice.
"Oh, yeah, right, sorry." Al could feel the heat on his cheeks rising as he spoke. Great, he thought as he put the alcohol on Ed's hand, just great! Now Ed's going to think I'm a freak or something, and he won't want to share dorm rooms with me anymore, and I probably won't even see him again...

It was so hard to choke back sobs and cries of pain as the medical alcohol was put on his sores. This was the only thing keeping Ed's mind off of his latest thoughts as of meeting Alfons Heidrich and joining the university. Everyone knew two of the three; get good grades and find a way to get back home. But the third was something no one knew about, Edward's deepest, darkest secret that was eating away at him right this very second, and he didn't think he could keep it locked up inside anymore.

"Al!" Ed gasped out between barely concealed cries of pain, startling the 16-year-old beside him.
"What is it, Ed?" Alfons asked, almost done wrapping Ed's hand.
"I.... I...." Edward squeezed his eyes shut and tensed, ready for rejection, "I.... I.... have something to tell you......" IDIOT!! His subconscious screamed at him, Tell him how you feel and get it over with! You can take rejection; it's not the end of the world!!
"Yeah? What is i--" Al was cut off when Edward leaned forward and crashed his lips into Al's.
Uhhh... that works too, I guess.... Edward's subconscious mind gaped at it's own actions.

Alfons moaned into Ed's mouth before Edward pulled away, face red with embarrassment. "Sorry Al, I couldn't stop myself anymore..."
"What do you mean 'sorry', Ed? I'm glad you did that, because I've been too afraid to tell you that I love you." Edward looked up in shock.
"Y-you... love... me..?" Al nodded, smiling, watching an over-joyed look flood Ed's features. "I love you too, Alfons Heidrich."
"Well, are you still cold, Edward? Because I know a way to warm you up..." Al said seductively.
"Hmm... Go for it, Al... Before I do..." Ed barely waited a second before capturing Al's lips again.

Al put both hands on Ed's chest, lightly pushing him flat onto the bed, before he felt his lover's tongue slip past his lips and explore his mouth. Alfons began to moan into Ed's mouth again as he began to feel himself hardening up. From what Al could tell, Ed felt him hardening up, too, because the next thing he knew he was flat on his back on the bed with Edward on top of him undoing his trousers.

"Ed, what are you, aaahhh....." Al gasped in surprise as his trousers along with his boxers were pulled from his lower body and Edward gingerly grasped Al's manhood with tender flesh fingers. "Aah.... oooh my...Ed....what if...uuugh.... you hurt your haaand...?" Al asked while gasping and moaning with every touch he received.
"Don't worry about my hand, it's fine. Say, Al, have you ever done this before by any chance?" Edward said as he pulled away to strip himself.
"No. No I haven't..." Alfons looked away in embarrassment as he pulled one of the blankets over himself. Someone as beautiful as you must have had it a bunch of times in your life already... He silently added in his head.
"Then that makes two of us," Ed grinned when he saw Al's jaw drop. "But don't worry, I've read tons of male anatomy books, so I know how to do it. But Al, are you sure you want your first time to be with me?"
"Of course I want my first time to be with you, Ed! You're the first person I've ever kissed, and you're the first person I've ever fallen in love with." Al said as he advanced on his love, gasping when he felt the head of Ed's very hard cock rubbing against his navel. Just then he was overcome by a sensation he'd never felt before, the best he could describe it was that he was hungry, and the only thing that could satisfy this hunger was Edward Elric. Alfons felt barely any control over himself when he reached forward, grabbed Edward by the shoulders, and fell back onto the bed, pulling Ed with him.

Al felt like he had control over his actions back by the time he noticed Ed had been leaving a trail of kisses that started at the corner of his mouth, and was now licking his hard nipples and Al had been working on getting Ed's hair out of it's current ponytail. Once the damned ribbon let go of it's golden locks, Al remembered something he'd heard about sex that seemed significant.
"Hey, Ed?"
"Don't we need some kind of lubrication? I mean, because won't it hurt otherwise?"
"Oh, right, lube..." GODDAMNIT!!! What are we gonna use for lube!?

Edward thought for a moment before his mind found the perfect thing. "Cooking oil."
"Cooking oil?" Alfons asked with a tone of confusion in his voice.
"Yeah, we'll use cooking oil for lube." Ed said as he pulled away from a disappointed Al to run to their tiny dorm kitchen to grab the bottle of cooking oil and run back, jumping onto the bed causing Al to bounce and slam his naked body into Ed's, almost throwing them both off the creaking mattress.

"Sorry about that Al." Ed laughed once they'd both regained their composure.
"No, it's fine. Besides I liked slamming into you like that." Alfons said as he leaned in closer to Ed, a look of lust in his eyes.

Edward grinned, pushing Alfons back onto the bed before opening the bottle and putting a generous amount of oil on his fingers, then opening Al's legs, experimentally inserted a single finger into his opening. After Al had gasped, moaned, and awed at what it feels like to have someone’s finger inside of you, Ed inserted digits two & three, while leaning down so he could kiss Al's cock, his fingers stroking inside of Alfons until they hit a certain spot, causing the younger man to cry out.

"Al, are you okay?" Ed asked nervously, his head shooting up to look at his panting lover's face.
" good...haa......don't…don't stop...uuuhh...." Alfons moaned, rocking his hips into Ed's hand, begging for more.

Before Al had the chance to come, Edward pulled out his hand, much to his companion’s dismay. “Why’d you stop?”
“So we can make love.”
“Isn’t that what we were just doing?”
“I mean… going all the way, with me inside of you…” Alfons gasped in realization as to just what Edward meant.
“Yeah, I want to go all the way, too.” Alfons smiled as he watched Edward generously pour oil onto his visibly throbbing member, then taking Al’s legs and pulling them up and over Ed’s shoulders.
“I’m going to do this really slow so we can both get used to it since this is our first time. If it hurts, let me know, alright Alfons?” Ed asked lovingly as he pressed the head of his cock against the puckered flesh of Al’s opening.
“Okay.” Alfons replied quietly, trying to hold back his excitement as Ed slowing leaned in, listening to all the gasps of pleasure and surprise Al made along the way.

After a moment Alfons’ gasps turned into moans as he leaned up and began gently biting and sucking Ed’s hard nipples, sending Edward into something he’d later describe as “Thrusting-Overdrive”.

“Oooooohhhhh….. Ed!!!!!! Oh my gaaaawd!!!!” Alfons cried out in pleasure as Edward nailed that certain spot over and over again while pumping Al’s cock in rhythm with his thrusts.
“Ahhhhh…. Alfons!!!” Edward cried out as he filled Alfons with his seed while at the same time Al’s cum splattered against his hand and navel.
“I love you Alfons…” Edward panted as he collapsed on top of him.
“I love you too Ed…” Alfons breathed in Ed’s scent as he gently stroked his hair while placing tender butterfly kisses along his jaw line, overcome with joy because his greatest wish since he’d known Edward Elric had just come true. “I love you too…”

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