Kalliel (kalliel) wrote in fm_alchemist,

[Fan Fic Challenge/Contest] Sues and Crossovers (Voting)

As you may or may not have known, there was an FMA fan fiction contest that highlighted the effective use of Mary Sues (or very special original characters) and crossovers (hosted here).

Six authors responded to this challenge by writing a story that included either a Mary Sue or crossed over into another storyline (be it anime or books, etc.) If you're interested in reading some very entertaining fic for FMA, please take the time to score/vote for the entries. The authors that contributed to this challenge worked very hard, so it's up to the readers to make it worth their while. :)

For more information, go to the contest homepage.

Vote now!

^ Both links lead to the same place, by the way.

Voting will continue from 14 August to 27 August, so be sure to drop by!

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