Flintera (flintera) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Episode 25, in the prologue....

*waves* Hello all!
I have a question of sorts.
Let me begin with an explanation.
My friend and I were watching Episode 25 and noticed that something was off in the prologue.
We checked both the American version and the Japanese versions of the episode just to make sure we were indeed sane.
To get to the point: At one point in the Prologue when Hughes is visiting Roy in his dorm room or wherever it is that he is, they get into a heated discussion, ne? Hughes punches Roy. In the shoulder. Roy cradles his face and there is a mark on his face. But he was punched in the shoulder.
My friend and I watched the part many many times, and that is indeed what happens.
The question: Did anyone else notice this?

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