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[fan art] Hughes request - libumkeiki

Yay! Here's the next bookmark request, done on Friday, as promised! This one's for libumkeiki! I hope you like it!

This one is of Hughes, in both color and bookmark style. Please take a look!



In case any of you want to print, here are bigger versions:

Larger color version
Larger bookmark style version, w/ brown color

Here's my updated request list. Next up, ipitydaf00l's Lings!

ipitydaf00l - Ling, G!Ling
corbeauaura - Human!Al (end of anime)
tsukiruby - Movie!Al, Heiderich
geartemis - Ling
flintera - Roy (funeral)
box_of_doom - Ed & Al & Heiderich
hotomi - Armor!Al & movie!Al
flora_baggins - Ed (w/o jacket)
love_alphonse - Rose

Please correct me if I missed anyone or made any mistakes on your requests!

As of now, my request box is closed. (Don't worry mylovekakashi, I'll include your request, I just need you to clarify some things.) It will be reopened after I get about half of these done.

Again, thank you to all those who requested! Already I can see improvement in my art. ^_^

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