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My friend and I are doing FMA for our Chinese project (book report, presentation, the works) and for the presentation part we were planning to do a puppet show. (Yes, we win.) Immediate problem: I haven't got the faintest idea how to make hand puppets. Granted the basic shape should be pretty easy, but for the head, don't you have to stuff it or something? I don't really want an Ed with a flat head, if you see what I mean. And how about the faces? And the automail? And the costumes? Would it be okay if they weren't very detailed?

So, any suggestions? Perhaps I've missed an FMA plushie tutorial somewhere, or someone can offer some help. I have a few days to finish this. x_____X

In the spirit of community contribution, though, I shall contribute a fic I wrote a while ago so that I won't feel really bad about wasting space. xD;

Don't Forget, Ed/Heid; contains movie spoilers.

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