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Comics and Artwork.

Seems like it's been forever since I posted here and shared some of my comics and art (no...actually...that's a lie. I've just been doing alot of art other than FMA recently *le-GASP!*)

Anyhow, the goods (Note: Everything opens in a new Window):

Automail Upgrade - Comic - Wanted to draw Winry...then Ed with the glove in his mouth. I love how violent she gets. X3

Doll Anatomy - comic - Not a MAJOR FMA one, but it features an Ed doll getting stripped down to the bare nothings (FULLY SFW, I promise!)...came about after people complained about an Ed picture I had painted for a friend (She sent me the inks ready for colour).

*sighs* This picture WAS uploaded to my scraps, but since DA has gone into spazz-mode since the launch of V5, It's not showing up in my scraps section (I wanted advice on how to improve Xiao-Mei). So I'll just have to link to a photobucket upload and hope someone here is nice enough to offer advice if they want to:
Mei-Chan and Xiao-Mei WIP - I'm fine with Mei, I just want to know if there's anything I should do to improve her little Panda. I've never drawn one before. XO (FTR - Chapter 62 Mei! ZOMG yay! XD).

Sketch of Ed for a painting I'm planning - I'm going the scrap the chibi. It was to be themed like a painting I did of Havoc for Mike back earlier this year, but I think it doesn't work in this pic like it did in the Havoc one.

That's enough from me. X3 S'good to be back!
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