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[fan art] movie!Al request - love_alphonse

Okies! Here is a movie!Alphonse bookmark, requested by love_alphonse! I'm very happy with how it turned out. :3 (I don't know why, but I squeed at odd intervals when I drew it.) Al is just too fun to draw. Please take a look! Oh, and I hope you like it, love_alphonse!

Larger version
Original, w/o brown color

Tomorrow I'll upload Hughes. Here's my bookmark request list, in case anyone's interested:

libumkeiki - Hughes
ipitydaf00l - Ling, G!Ling
corbeauaura - Human!Al
tsukiruby - Movie!Al, Heiderich
geartemis - Ling

I'm still taking requests for FMA chara bookmarks. Trust me, they make me happy and I end up drawing better. ^_^ If you want to choose, the options are colored, shaded with pencil, shaded with pen, or left as plain lineart. Or I can choose, if you want. So please, feel free to ask! Until I finish about half of the requests, my request box is closed. Sorry. ^_^;

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