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2 fics & something

OK I decided that it was time for me to post a couple of fics that I wrote:
Good morning
Rating: PG
Paring: Royai,
Word count: 1608
Disclaimer: The last I checked I didn't own FMA and so Roy and Riza are not mine to manipulate.
Notes: The characters may seem a little OOC at times but the fluff-ness makes up for it. Also my first time writing for Hughes. I would also like to dedicate this to naomi_tsukino for her reaction when she read it *Aww, sniff sniff* and everyone on the Royai forums (espesially Nesan) for "making" me write it.
I hid it behind this. )

Title-Second Thoughts
Rating-T (for excessive use of the word d*mn and subject matter)
Pairing-Elricest kinda’ one sided
Disclaimer-Last I checked I didn't own FMA, and so Ed and Al are not mine to manipulate
Word count-992
Warring-Post movie (but I wrote it before I saw the movie so you should be pretty safe as long as you've seen ep. 51)
Notes-Thanks to naomi_tsukino and Kirsten for their interest and encouragement. 
Anyone interested? )

Now,  a writer with nothing to write about is not something I want to be so I'm going to let you tell me what to write! (AKA begging for ideas!!) What are you wating for request! Please,
cut because I care )


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