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Anime Expo 2006 Photos

Day 1:

Starting with me as Angel!Hughes for day one.

'Nother Hughes cosplayer in line for passes

Brad stabbed as Roy

Random FMA

'S a Greed!

I got bored in line so I decided that Manga!Havoc would make a good Elysia-chan bulletin board!

... So did Roy. :P

Wrath, annoyed with all the picture pushing, decided to eat them... T^T

Cute Al cosplayer!

Bitchin' Automail Wrath

I can only assume this was a Roy... Or else it's a Maria that got confused... :P

Nice Automail...

Well, I always knew Roy had a thing for himself, but...

Aren't they cute???? I wanted to go all Hughes!Wibble on them, but I doubt parents would have approved.

We made friends with an Young!HawkeyeAl in Uniform, Ed, and Sloth while waiting in front of the no-show Paku Romi pannel.

Though the costumes were different, the miniskirts idea always gets the same approval from Havoc.

Doesn't look like Hawkeye approves, though...

Trisha Elric! I thought she died!


Lust stabbing Havoc!

Awww... Love that Black Hayate, Hawkeye.

Mr. Director man with Super Translator Man!

Paku Romi couldn't be there, so he brought her picture. XD

FMA movie, anyone?

Greed and Envy! Gotta love the pose.


Ed! Or Al... I can't tell. XD

Kitsune!Ed! XD
And thus ends day one of the pictures!

Day 2:

Havoc and Roy mess around half dressed in our hotel room. ^_^

Finishing touches on the Sloth outfit, I think. With Hawkeye in the background.

I think we're a pretty dashing group, personally. :P

As soon as we got to the con, it was just our luck that we found the elusive criminal, Scar!

So we arrested him.

Aren't we the cutest family ever! XDDD Me, my wife, and our beautiful daughter!

Woah! A FMA manga character! Win!! XD

My daughter Elysia-chan is so adorable!!! X3

Ed is shorter than Al.

Hoshit! Kimbley! Run away!!

Is it just me, or is this an Archer?

Different Sloth

Gluttony... o.o;;;

Our Tringham friends! XD They come back later because they were awesome! :3

This Hughes had a picture of his real daughter dressed up as Elysia-chan... T^T It was so cute and I was so pwned....

Like everyone plus!

We grabbed a pimpin' Lust, too!


Dante fighting Red-Head Ed

My camera was misplaced for most of the FMA gathering, but here's what I got.


Really good Al!

Our Ed couldn't resist... :P


Random us... ^^;

Elysia-chan got possessive of Roy fast...

Our Wrath was the only one with red stones... ^_~

Armstrong vs. Gluttony!

"Ame da yo..."

Elysia-chan! You're ruining the mood! :P


The only Hughes pairings at the gathering were Hughes/Lust and Hughes/Roy.... XD


Wrath gets a little scary with his red stones....

Al's seal!
Then the little stragglers from the gathering moved inside.

Roy: This is your final battle, Scar!

Hawkeye: Sir, you're too useless. Give it up.
Roy: ;_;

Dunno... ^^;

Roy: Everyone with me! MANDATORY MINISKIRTS!!!

Too slow, Ed.

Red.... stones.... @_____@

The gate!


Roy/Havoc and Hawkeye/Sloth?


Gotta love a little Tringhamcest.... ^__~

Hawkeye must have gotten drunk... or maybe she just wanted to prove she was a girl...

Awww.... My brain... x.O

Hughes: How many times do I have to tell you, Roy, you may not marry Elysia-chan!!!!!
Elyisa: But he already got me a ring.
Hughes: ASGkxmvxjfitux;GOHFGahmgraaahhhhhhhhh!!!!! @___X

We caught the Furher half dressed, but oh well...

Day 3:

Awesome Scar tattoo....

Dorochet!!! XD with Greed in the background

One last Ed Al... ^____^ Sorry about that... XD;;;

And that's all the FMA cosplay that we documented and participated in! *wipes sweat* Finally! XD

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