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Join uk_syndicate_rp!

uk_syndicate_rp is currently looking for members. It is an AU, multi-fandom based off movies such as Snatch and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. An RP with a twist of mob-dealings and humor.

I thought since we are currently looking for characters of the FMA fandom this would be a good place to ask around~ Please feel free to delete this ad if not wanted~

[I N T R O D U C T I O N]
The United Kingdom Syndicates, A Comedy of Errors
An AU based off films such as Snatch and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

The United Kingdom is a place known for its illustrious history,
its vast and beautiful cities, it’s diverse and age old culture.
But it fosters a dangerous secret that many know but few dare
speak for the punishments of letting loose lips betray such
surreptitious knowledge often ends in…death.
One could see the importance of keeping their trap shut when one can
very clearly see a relocation six feet under and not fancying such
a lifestyle (or lack, thereof) quite so appealing.
Thus the Underworld of the illustrious UK finds itself growing
and remains to be an organization that guards its secrets well
and acts with cold calculation when they feel their well-being is
in any way threatened. With pain. With lawlessness. With murder.
However, despite the most well-thought out plots occasionally there
are...unexpected results. Who can really guess what a person will do
the heat of the moment? Especially if it is a moment that is about
to end with you in a body bag and probably without any last words,
despite what the movies say.
Currently the danger lies primarily in the fortune of four particular
groups of lawless “families.” They are the mobs of the UK, syndicates
of people that find themselves above the common law and follow the
words of their Boss alone. They operate in the darkness of London’s
streets, in the mayhem of downtown, and the seemingly safe environment
of the beautiful capitol, and they are only growing.
And they are only getting stronger. Involved in illegal drugs, dangerous
weapon trades, the free flow of alcohol, and unchecked violence, the
four mob families of the UK are rising in renown and infamy.
If a few comedy of errors can't stop them, what can?


We are currently searching for characters from all fandoms and also
looking for a mob boss position to be filled soon! If you are interested
please contact us.

uk_syndicate_rp is an alternative universe-multi-fandom
RP fresh out of the box looking for new players. Plots are beginning
soon and the applications are open to anyone willing to give it
a try. Yaoi/Slash/Yuri/Het and the like are allowed, as well as
players should expect strong themes based on drugs, sex and death,
but also with an emphasis on humor and error.
Please direct any questions to jisoubourei or zuri_mah_frind.

[L I N K S]


The Application
Information on Families
Character Backgrounds/Taken Characters
Contact List
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