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Fic: The Properties of the Elements [Roy gen, PG]

(Crossposted to fma_gen, fm_alchemist, fma_sanity. Apologies for the spamming of friendslists.)

Title: The Properties of the Elements
Characters: Roy Mustang, various
Rating: PG
Summary: Seven interconnected ficlets on Roy Mustang, framed around a passing conversation as he prepares to try for the position of State Alchemist.
Notes: Done for fandom_mashup, for aishuu, with her fics "Twenty Ways to Die" and "Convection". Basically the idea is to take two or more of an author's fics (with permission) and borrow ideas from two (or more) of them to write a new fic. Here I take the format of interlockling ficlets and combine it with the idea of Roy's alchemy being mostly air-based, despite his title of Flame Alchemy.
Warnings: Episode 25 spoilers.

( Roy remembered sitting down to the written test to become a State Alchemist. )

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