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Fic time.

Title: Role Reversal
Artist: ankoku_tenshi
Pairing: Genderswitch!Winry/Ed (technically, Yaoi)
Rating: NC-17

This is my first lemon ever, so please be gentle on the con-crit please.

Winry squirmed around in her pants; they were tight and uncomfortable and clung too closely on her broad hips. She felt out of her element, out of place. Her arms were too brawny, her face too broad, her hair too coarse. Her legs were too long, her chest too flat and muscled. Her brain was still computing the shock, and suddenly, it all came together.

She was no longer a ‘she.’ She was now a ‘he.’


Winry had followed Edward and Alphonse around on one of the more dangerous cases while in Central, concerned about them. She got caught in an alchemy circle drawn by an insane alchemist, and found herself possessing a bulge between her legs, long coarse hair, a set of six packs and too large feet stuffed in small shoes.

Edward came running of course, and here they were, back in Rizenbul. She’d had to spend the whole train trip stuffed in Edward’s tight leather pants, and she wondered how he could even wear those things everyday. She was disturbed by the way girls had giggled and pointed, and found herself very relieved when Edward dragged her away.

He, he reminded himself. I’m not a girl anymore.

As he sat on the hard train seat, Alphonse and Edward had decided to call him ‘Will’ instead of ‘Winry’ because it sounded more masculine. While they debated about the finer points of Winry’s transformation in hushed whispers, Will took time to compare. Looking about he noticed that most other men in the same train section they were in were old enough to be their fathers, so he shuddered and decided just to use Edward as a model.

Edward’s hair was much finer and softer than his own, which he found quite unfair. His face held baby fat; it was not chiseled as his sharply defined jawline was. His body and chest were compact, his legs short, and hands small, and callused. His worn hands were also covered in thick skin, but Will’s were larger than Edward’s. The eyes were trailed with long lashes and the mouth was plush. Slim hips and a curved cheek. Will had looked in the mirror only minutes before, but he excused himself to the bathroom anyways. Remembering to enter the men’s bathroom, he looked at his face. A square jaw, long, coarse hair, like straw. A firm mouth, strongly muscled arms, and sharper blue eyes. His hands gripped the sides of the sink until his knuckles turned white.

He was jealous. Why couldn’t look more like a girl! Why not like Edward, a combination of the both! Better that than being stuck within his current false body. He splashed a bit of water on his face, before returning to his seat, Where Edward informed Will of their decisions.

Upon reaching Rizenbul, Edward took all blame for the mess-up from Granny Pinako, before they were served some food, and Will surprised himself by eating more than he usually did. He worried about getting fat, but Edward laughed it off.

“You’ll be okay if you exercise,” he’d said stretching his arms languidly.

But not only was it that, Will had found several problems with his newly male body. It seemed just as attracted to boys as it had been before the switch, and all its attentions seemed to fall upon Edward who was the closest male being living in the house. Though Edward had declared himself firmly gay several weeks before after a persistent (stalker) girl kept going after him. He even proved it by willingly frenching Havoc. Will was desperate. He was confused. He did not bleed from his sex organs like he used to every month; he’d cut his hair. He’d started shaving. Edward just stayed the way he was. He didn’t grow any facial hair, and didn’t seem to care about the same problems that Will had.

He’d gotten so confused, until one day Alphonse handed him several printed pages from a book. Only then was he able to relax, knowing that Edward was just what they called a ‘late bloomer.’ That is, until one morning.

He’d woken up with something stiff in his pants, only to see his member sticking straight up into the air like a flagpole. He promptly let out a very feminine shriek.

“Winry?!” Edward barged into his room with the strength of a freight train, clad in only a pair of boxers and his usual black tanktop. The door bounced of the wall with a loud slamming sound. Edward ran over to his side, kneeling, checking over his face and upper body in concern. Will merely babbled something incoherent, gesturing to his nether regions. Edward looked down as well, and a red flush began to spread across his face.

“…….Oh. That. Um….that’s normal. Guys usually get one in the morning,” Edward explained hesitantly, wringing his hands.

“What is it?!” Will asked in a panic, his voice a high squeak. He latched onto Edward’s shoulders.

“It’s an erection,” Edward offered. “It’s the state where—“

“How do I get rid of it?!” Will wailed. Edward’s face crimsoned a little more, resembling a tomato. He seemed like he wanted to sink straight into the floor.

“Well….that it…I………Do you want me to do it, or do you want to do it yourself?” Edward blurted out, turning even redder, if possible.

“You do it!” Will demanded, “You’re the actual guy!”

Edward swallowed, and he flapped a hand at Will’s lower body parts. “Take your underwear off.”


“Take off your underwear……I can’t do anything until you do that,” Edward grumbled, yanking on a strand of loose hair, blush still prominent on his cheeks. Will huffed, a small flush of pink beginning to form on his face as well. He did as instructed, but not without a small, mumbled accusation of ‘pervert.’

“Sit down, Winry,” Edward said, from where he knelt on the floor. Will did so. Edward took a deep breath, and slid closer, speaking as he went. “I haven’t done this to anyone else before, so…”

“What do you mean you haven’t some this to anybo—“ Will cut off with a small groan as Edward’s flesh hand made contact with his member. The colder, automail hand weighed his balls, massaging them as his thumb slid over the slit. The tip began to leak a pearly white liquid. He moved his hand up and down quickly in a pumping fashion, and Will bucked his hips into Edward’s hand.

“Ah…! Ah….nnh…..more…I need…more!” Will managed between labored breaths. Edward looked up at him in shock. This was the extent of his knowledge with these sorts of things, and it had always worked for him.

He looked at the dick in his hand cautiously, which looked dauntingly large. He sighed. It’s for a friend. “And you call me a pervert…..”

He lowered his head, and placed a light kiss on the weeping head, Will tossing his head back in pleasure. He opened his mouth and suckled no the head, wrapping his tongue about Will’s thick length. Withdrawing with a slight popping noise, he removed his hand, and licked the vein that ran up the underside of the cock, before swirling his tongue about the slit, licking up the pre-cum that slid down the spit-slicked skin. He then swooped down and engulfed the whole thing in his mouth. He moved his head up, and went back down, bobbing his head. His automail hand continued to play with Will’s balls, massaging them with his hand. Will cried out rapturously, and bucked. Edward choked, and withdrew, just as Will came. He squinted as the white substance came out from the tip, covering his face and hair. He licked the remaining semen off his fingers, looking up at his friend curiously.

“Was it good?” he asked, wiping off his face.

Will could only nod his head dumbly. “Let’s do that again.”


Edward fell to the floor and Will tackled him and pressed him against the floor eagerly. As an inexperienced tongue assaulted his neck and collarbone, strangely enough, the only thought that he was able to summon was: “I’m gonna have one hell of a rug burn later.”


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