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You know you're addicted when..

I'm sure some of you have seen this list before, but just in case, I thought you all might get a laugh. (I found this on myspace btw)

1) Every time you hear clapping, you wonder how many people can perform alchemy without a transmutation circle.

2) Even though your family or friends hate the anime and manga, they still know the entire plot.

3) You're in love with some random person because he/she likes the show/manga as well.

4) You've memorized the entire quote by Alphonse from the beginning of each episode, and can recite the entire thing at random.

5) You know how to draw most of the transmutation circles, if not all of them.

6) You've made your own transmutation circle.

7) You're miserably failing chemistry, but you know all of the laws of alchemy by heart.

8) Equivalent Exchange is something you apply to everything. And I mean EVERYTHING.

9) Your favorite teacher is Mr./Mrs./Ms. Edwards just because of his/her last name.

10) Out of boredom during your least favorite class, you attempt to transmute a pencil and a binder together.

11) You're dragged to detention by your teacher because the transmutation failed, and you won't stop crying.

12) You've read all 61 chapters of the manga, even though only 8 have been released in English.

13) You've seen the movie "Fullmetal Alchemist: Conqueror of Shambala" even though it doesn't reach the US until October.

14) You clap your hands together and strain your face when angered.

15) You get really pissed off when people mention your height...even though you're the tallest person in most of your classes.

16) You carry a silver pocketwatch in your you won't forget.

17) You plan to name your children either Edward, Alphonse, or Winry.

18) Every time you see a person in a wheelchair, you think they should head for the nearest automail shop.

19) You've given yourself a State Alchemist name (e.g.-_____ Alchemist)

20) Whenever people snap rude or mean things, you love to shout, "YOU ONLY WISH YOU WERE THE FULL METAL ALCHEMIST!"

21) Your picture of Ed and Al slipped out of your binder, and a kid who you don't even know gave it back to you, saying he knew it belonged to you.

22) Every chance you get, you write "Fullmetal Alchemist" on the chalk/whiteboard in Japanese, even though you don't know a single word of the language.

23) You keep a wrench in your pocket, just in case someone ticks you off.

24) You hate Harry Potter because he supposedly destroyed the Philosopher's Stone.

25) When your mom asks why you ripped your two favorite stuffed animals apart and stitched their bodies together, you insisted that it was a real chimera.

26) During Halloween, no one knew what you were. All they asked was, "Why are you covered in gray construction paper with a red mark on your shoulder?"

27) You respond to the Halloween comment with, "I lost my soul so my older brother attached it to this suit of armor."

28) You nicknamed everyone in the school a character from the manga, naming your least favorite person Roy Mustang.

29) You have a pair of white gloves with red transmutation circles on them.

30) Any female teacher with black hair at your school you referred to as "Izumi-sensei."

31) Your detention slips always have the reason- "Beat student profoundly, while claiming they had mocked their love of Full Metal Alchemist."

32) You took the idea of teaching alchemy in science all the way to the state court.

33) You dream about it every night.

34) So far, you've written over 300 fanfiction stories.

35) You are very cautious around your priest. Anytime he says hello, you respond with, "Back away, Cornello!"

36) You've been on the news four times for trying to burn your house down and become a State Alchemist.

37) When your mother became sick, you began gathering all items for a human transmutation. You were determined it would work.

38) Your regular attire is a red coat, shiny black pants, and boots.

39) You've attempted a human transmutation in the hopes that you could either get automail or transmute without a circle.

40) The word 'transmute' somehow becomes part of the conversation without you knowing it.

41) You know the word 'transmute' in multiple languages.

42) The word 'ouroboros' actually holds meaning for you.

43) You know all of the seven deadly sins by heart.

44) You cried after certain characters died in the anime show, and couldn't be consoled.

45) You've gotten a tattoo that relates to FMA.

46) When ever you see a Nissan commercial, it makes you think of Al saying Niisan.

47) No matter how many times you watch the show, you still cry when bad things happen to your favorite characters.

48) You've named your pet after one of the characters (especially if it's a dog, you name it Den or Alexander).

49) You know all the words to all the openers and closers.

50) You actually found this list funny.

If you can think of more, please share your ideas with us! =)

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