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Envy X Ed

Hello! This is my first post, though I've been lurking around for a little bit lately ^^;;

Just read Volumes 1 - 4 in FMA. So very sad. I cried.

My new favorite sin = Envy. Just because. He's so cute~! Besides, who can not love

...How wrong is it that Envy X Ed has just become my OTP? ... Seriously... -.-; Does anyone know where I could find fanart or non-spoilerific fanfics of the pairing?? No? I thought not -.-;

Anyways, here's some undeniable proof that their love is true!! BTW, there is a very slim chance that their might be spoilers behind the cut, but I highly doubt it. I guess it all depends on how sensitive (??) you are.

.... You don't want to look at the following pictures.

This and more X-posted on my journal, but it's friends locked...
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