Zrana (zrana) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Movie watching and cosplay gathering

I had to debate what level at which to post this on LJ.

THe I decided the most public place would be best because all I'm doing is saying what I'M going to do, and if others wants to do the same, that's great, it doesn't mean I have to take care of them.

So down to the point.

In 3 weeks the FMA movie will be shown in select theaters around the country. Which I'm going to go to. In costume. (Movie!Al to be precise.)

The great thing is, I live in one of the few cities that has a theater that's showing it, and I'm right smack in the middle of the midwest, a mere 3 hour (give or take) drive from Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, Columbus, and Cincinnati, making it an excellent location for a gathering of like minded people.

What: Dubbed FMA movie watching in theater.

Where: Fort Wayne Carmike 20 theater
3930 East Dupont Road
Fort Wayne, IN 46825

When: Saturday August 26th at 2 pm

This is when I'm going, and if others want to go at the same time and same place, that'd be awesome, although I'm likely to primarily hang out around people I already know and the friends they bring. There's a million restaurants in this city (the largest amount 'per capita' in the country apparantly) so I'll probably go out to eat with friends as well.

It's just that, well, the more the merrier, and I'd love to see how many people actually show up. In cosplay even. Carmike has a HUGE canopied outside walk area as well as a huge lobby too. It's the newest theatre in my town, only a year old, and it's RIGHT off I-69 so long as you follow driving directions accurately, you won't get lost.

I'm not hosting any activities or anything, just offering a place to go if you want to go in cosplay and not be alone while doing it.

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