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I hope this is allowed, I could swear I've seen other multifandom RPGs being pimped. And I didn't see anything in the userinfo against it, but if it's not allowed, go ahead and delete it.

A new Multifandom RPG, where I mod. Brand new!

Basically? Characters from different worlds/universes are being summoned by a strange force, and they're all now staying in the City of Avoria. The inestability of the world makes certain strange events happen sometimes, and also allows the characters to keep some of their canon powers.

We only have an Alphonse so far from FMA, btw ;P And any sort of pairings are allowed!


Avoria Academy is a multi-fandom AU RP, taking place in a school that accomodates everyone from grade 6 to the end of their college needs.

The Premise

Someone or something has been summoning; why, or what, no one's sure. But because of this, an imbalance between the worlds has been caused and people are being pulled out of their home worlds and thrown into negative space, the area between all of the worlds.

Not much can survive out there--so it's lucky that a place like the City of Avoria exists. It's a world outside worlds, (consisting of only one very *large* city) created with the sole purpose of being a home for displaced persons.

Unfortunately, its existence hinges on a very unstable balance and is therefore prone to traveling through time and space between the worlds with no clear destination or permanent residence; it's not uncommon for people who have been presumed died, or have died to appear in Avoria. And because of this imbalance, abilities and powers that were present in the resident's own worlds have been thrown completely out of whack; the strong get weak, and the weak get stronger.

The imbalance also causes quite a lot of strange happenings in the City of Avoria. But you get used to that...eventually.

Although they are few, the original inhabitants of the strange world have set up a large Academy--Avoria Academy--to help the displaced persons adapt to their new surroundings and the changes that may have overcome them. Attendance is mandatory. A few people have tried in the past to avoid it and, well...no one's really sure what happens to them, but they're not often seen again.

Avoria Academy is made so that anyone of any age or gender can attend; although the college on campus is more suited for the older attendees. It teaches basic courses such as Math, Science, History, etc... But that's only the beginning of what Avoria has to offer. Several thousand other courses are also offered; the attendees need only choose what they wish to learn.

Dorms are available on campus, separated for males and females (excluding the college campus dorms, as obviously by the time people are adults, they can make reasonable decisions for themselves...right?). There is housing off campus as well; Avoria has accommodations for everyone who arrives.

In fact, the city appears to grow as the population increases. A store may become apparent where there had never been one before--a whole park may suddenly come into being right before one's very eyes. Since Avoria is so unpredictable, literally *anything* could happen.

Another thing fortunate for the displaced persons is a system designed specifically for their quite apparent financial troubles. After all, money makes the world go 'round. The Avorian people have set up a wonderful little system that allows the displaced persons a small fund that *should* help them get along until they can pick up a method of living on their own.

Because of the sheer number of people appearing in Avoria, the residents have given out tomes--journals, you could call it--that the displaced person can use to document their time there. Once completed, or once the displaced person is no longer displaced, the journal becomes a permanent record at the Avorian Annal, where all records of those who have come and gone are stored.

Welcome to the City of Avoria, the World between Worlds! We hope you enjoy your stay!

Waiting for your applications!!

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