Colleen "Grygon" Wright (spurkycreations) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Colleen "Grygon" Wright

Fan art: "Self Portrait"

A little bit of fan art inside my self portrait project. The outline of the FMA fanart section is done, but the upper right corner of the whole drawing is still under construction... can't wait to get to coloring and shading...

Here's a detail of the tattoos (click for full view):

And click here so you can place the tattoo detail inside the whole context...

Even if I had a scanner, this is 19 by 24 inches and thus much too big to scan- so I apologize for the weird pixels and lighting. Even "good" cameras despise any mostly-white surface.

By far the most detailed large drawing I have undertaken. It's been an adventure so far... and I had to slap myself from wanting to draw Roy or Ed behind me, it's mostly supposed to be a self portrait, not all fan art. 8) Though there is definetly a looooooot of fandom in the drawing... *hides*
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