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Moodtheme request and ficlet

Does anyone know if anyone has made an Alphonse (or Alfons, depending on your preference) Heiderich moodtheme?

I'm looking for one for an RP journal.

Also, here's a little drabble/ficlet I wrote last December.

Title: Loud and Soft
Fandom: FMA
Characters: Th'Elrics
Rating: G
Genre: Gen

When Edward was born, a loudness entered into the Elric house that had never been there before. It seemed to Trisha as if the days of endless silence in their little house were over for good. The reassurance came with the birth of Ed’s little brother Alphonse the next year. Life in this little house would never be the same.

It seemed as if the Elric household only had two volumes: soft and loud. Whenever one of the boys started crying, the second was usually only minutes – if not seconds behind. Trisha sometimes found it a little stressful and hard on the ears. When this was the case, she would cover her ears and breathe deeply, collecting herself before finding out what was wrong. At other times, she couldn’t help but smile. This was especially true when Ed would toddle in, eyes watery and sniffling. He would tug on her sleeve or the hem of her dress, and look up at her with large, sad eyes, urging her to follow him to the baby.

When the house wasn’t noisy with the crying of two young boys, sometimes it would be filled with laughter. Ed adored trying to make his little brother smile and laugh. He would tickle his stomach, make silly faces, and do anything that his little mind could think of in order to get the desired result. Whenever he achieved a victory, his whole face would light up and he would show Trisha what it was that he had done.

The house was usually quiet only at night. Trisha would smile and put a finger to her lips when her eldest son was being too loud while his little brother was trying to sleep. Ed would always follow her example and give a large “SHHHHHHHHHHH!” when his father came home with a booming welcome.

As the next few years passed, the house retained its two volume levels. Loud was the sound of Trisha’s “three boys” when they were together. Her husband was never home often, and him finding time to play with his son was even rarer, Still, when he did, the three were loud and boisterous, their laughter ringing in the hallways, and in the heart of the mother that listened on.

It was stark quiet the day that Hohenheim left. Not even little Al, who had only just celebrated his second birthday, seemed to make a noise as he got ready to go. Silent tears were cried, but hardly a sound could be heard besides the closing of the door.

The house was almost as quiet the day that Trisha found her two sons in their father’s study. Very little was heard except the sound of turning pages and chalk scratching along the floor. It almost seemed too quiet for children that age. It wasn’t a somber silence, however, but more of an expectant one as Edward placed his hands on the array he had drawn.

When the boys weren’t studying, the house would seem much louder. The two boys loved to laugh and occasionally fight with each other. It would quiet down at nighttime, when Trisha would tuck them into their beds and sing them lullabies.

No matter what though, no one could remember a time that the Elric house had been more quiet than today. Edward and Alphonse weren’t playing, studying, or even fighting each other, but standing beside Trisha’s bed. Their eyes were filled with tears, though neither would allow them to drop as they held their mother’s hands in their own. There wasn’t even the sound of a closing door to break the silence as the boys watched their mother leave.

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