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Eyah...just saying a BIG hello to the community~  I've only been stalkingwatching(I suppose it's a very overused phrase by now) it for a couple of months now, and I finally gathered enough guts together to post my story.  It's my little baby, I suppose, it being my first FMA chapter fic. 

With much pride, I present the story~

Title: The Stone Grinds Backwards
             Chapter 1: First Assignments a Bitch
Author: Chia-chan
Pairing(s): None for now.  Will be some later. 
Rating: PG-13, for mild cursing and violence
Summary: [AU]  It's Roy Mustang's first day after being promoted.  Life will never be the same. 
Disclaimer: Characters are not mine.  Never will be. 

Day XX  Month XX  Year XXXX

It finally made it to the top that I’m an alchemist.  Today, I received a notice that I was being transferred from General Protection to the Specialized Unit.  Upon  arriving, I was told that I would be part of a two-man cell assigned to guarding other personnel during missions, and/or fighting/distracting any guards hired by the “enemy”.  
They said my partner was to be a homunculus named Envy.  His previous partner, Yoki, had ducked out under the pressure, and I was to be his replacement.  
Envy apparently has a transformation ability as his specialized homunculus skill.  There are rumors that nobody has actually seen his “true” form outside of the other members of the Specialized Unit.  
This job has many more dangers involved, but it is the top job within the compound hierarchy.  All I can say is that I look forward to the increase in power.  

Roy Mustang


They found someone to replace that coward Yoki after he fan off.  Never did figure out how he made it this far in the first place.  
And those bigwigs finally saw fit to assign an alchemist as my partner.  I researched his background, and saw that he specialized in flame techniques.  His record was spotless within the company as well.  
I don’t know what to really think of this Roy Mustang character.  Except that he seems to know nothing of the ranking of homunculi.  
He certainly didn’t seem to realize that, as I hold the name Envy, I am one of the strongest in existence.  He, of course, will probably never meet another homunculus of my standing.  
In all my years of existence, I certainly never have.  


Chapter 1
First Assignment’s a Bitch

“Oi, Mustang,”  Roy Mustang looked up, his coal black eyes meeting the violet set of the homunculus leaning against his doorframe.  
“What?” Roy asked shortly.  
“Assignment.  We report to Hawkeye for a briefing and leave in an hour,” Envy replied.  “I’ll show you the way.”  
Envy gracefully pushed away from the doorframe and began to walk down the hallway, long green locks flowing behind him.  Roy rolled himself off of his bed and followed him, his longer strides allowing him to catch up to Envy after only a few steps.  
The two walked in silence until they reached a door with ‘Riza Hawkeye’ carved onto a simple bronze plate adorning the front.  Envy unceremoniously pushed the door open and walked in.  Roy followed, not allowing his uncertainty to show on his face.  The door slammed shot behind him, causing Roy to jump.  
“Envy, so kind of you to show Mr. Mustang the way,” said the lady behind the desk.  
“I didn’t want the greenhorn to delay the mission,” Envy replied, examining his nails.  
Amber eyes flicked up, studying the men before moving back down to the papers before her.  “You didn’t care to help Yoki.”  
“Wasn’t worth my time,” Envy answered Riza’s statement with a smirk.  
Riza chose not to reply.  “Mr. Mustang, I know you are new, so I’ll give you a brief introduction.”  She reached into a drawer of her desk and pulled out a headset, which she handed to Roy.  “Press the button on the ear to talk.  However, do not use it unless it is an emergency.  You do not heave until the Recovery team lets you know the mission is a success or to abort.”  
She handed a paper to both Roy and Envy.  “This is the layout.  Your job is to distract the two guards we have verified the existence of until the team has done their job.”  
Envy nodded and moved to leave the room, Roy following closely, for lack of knowledge of anything else to do.  
"So,” Envy said as they walked away.  “You think you’re ready?”  
“As I’ll ever be,” Roy replied.  
“Trust me, you’ll never be prepared, Envy pointed out.  “The first assignment’s a bitch.  Get what you need, I’m leaving you behind if you aren’t ready in ten minutes.”  
So, after the ten minutes had passed, Roy met Envy at his door.  The homunculus began to lead the way, and five minutes later they were outside, with three men who had yet to be introduced.  
“Mustang, Hughes, Fuery, Havoc,” Envy said, pointing to each man as he said their respective names.  Then, he turned and wandered away, as if no longer interested.  
“Er, Roy Mustang,” then black-haired man said, holding out a hand in a tentative handshake.  
“Maes Hughes,” the oldest of the men, with beard and glasses seized the hand and shook it vigorously.  “I’m part of the recovery team.  Now that that’s out of the way, would you like to see pictures of my lovely daughter?  Elysia just turned three, see?”  Suddenly, Roy was bombarded by pictures of a little girl with blonde hair while Hughes babbled away, telling him exact details about each and every one of them.  
“Kain Fuery,” the smaller, much younger, also glasses-wearing boy took Roy’s hand and shook it much more gently than Hughes had.  “I’m Hughes’s recovery partner.  You can ignore him; he’s always like that.”  
From Fuery, Roy’s hand was transferred to the last man.  “Jean Havoc, long range support.”  At Roy’s blank expression he smiled, loosing the half-burnt cigarette he had been smoking in the process.  “It means I stay outside and snipe anyone you guys need me to.”  
“Ah, okay,” Roy replied, having previously been unaware that there were people who did that.  
“Chill out.  You just stick by me and I’ll tell you everything you need to know,” Havoc responded.  “Things like Fuery is older than he looks, and Riza Hawkeye is going to be mine, so no touching.”  
The last bit shocked Roy.  Riza had been the first and only woman he had seen since his transfer.  That his man had made such a blatant claim surprised him.  
“You planning on proposing or something?” Roy asked, unable to contain himself.  
Havoc, in the process of lighting up a new cigarette, looked up in surprise.  “That’s way in the future.  Now, I just want to get to the point where she doesn’t whip out her gun every time I start trying to flirt.”  
Something buzzed from the nearby building, and then a deep green van being driven by a man with red hair arrived.  
“Hey Breda!” Havoc called.  
“Just get in.  I’m not getting in trouble for leaving late like last time,” the man in the van called back.  
So, with a little coercion by Envy (who wanted to get going as well) everyone was in the van and on their way.  
“Havoc here. Everyone check in if you can hear me,” the sniper’s voice entered Roy’s ear via the headset.  
“Hughes here, I hear you.”  
“Fuery here, everything’s fine.”  
“Envy here, stop distracting me.”  
“Mustang here,” Roy answered, with nothing else to say.  He and Envy were walking side by side, patrolling the hallways and looking for the guards.  
“The path splits ahead Mustang.  You take one way, I’ll take the other,” Envy ordered.  Roy nodded in reply.  
When they reached the point and parted ways, Roy pulled out his specialized alchemy glove.  His alchemy circle had been traced on the outside, ad if would ignite the spark he needed to create a flame when he snapped his fingers.  
Roy was jolted out of his thoughts when a hand grabbed his shoulder and spun him around.  Without thinking, he snapped his fingers, igniting a small spark.  Then, the alchemy circle glowed red, and alchemic lighting danced around the growing flames, causing a deadly conflagration to hit the person behind him head on.  
Roy turned to look at the charred body, feeling slightly disgusted with himself for killing the person by accident, authorized or not.  
That was until two purple eyes opened in the blackened head that began to roll it’s neck around on it’s shoulders, almost as if stretching.  
Then, they fixed themselves directly on his own set.  “That wasn’t very nice, now was it?”  
As a response, Roy took off running in the direction he had come from, while pressing the button on his headset and saying, “Envy, I’ve got a problem here.”  
Envy had quite a few problems of his own when Roy’s transmission came through to him.  They were mainly in the form of the short, blonde alchemist who he had made the mistake of teasing about his height upon their meeting.  Now, said alchemist, who’s name he didn’t even know, was rapidly trying to deconstruct him.  Envy barely had time to think, as this…boy seemed to be one of the rare few who did not need a previously drawn circle to make his alchemy work.  
“Make it fast Mustang!” Envy yelled quickly, dodging an attack.  
“I’ve got a homunculus after me!” Roy yelled back.  
“Take the first left you come to, then an immediate right,” Envy instructed, taking a swipe at the alchemist.  “But only if you don’t mind trading off for an alchemist!”  
“Can do,” Roy replied shortly.  Then, the transmission cut off and Envy was able to give his full attention to the fight.  
Until he heard footsteps behind him.  
“Envy, jump!” he heard Mustang yell, and complied (grudgingly) just in time to avoid being tackled along with the blonde alchemist by the black-haired one.  Immediately afterward he transformed into a large cat and landed on the pursuing homunculus.  After ripping out his throat, he dragged the body away, to avoid the two fights interfering with one another.  
When the other homunculus was fully healed, he sat up, only to see Envy in all his glory standing before him with arms crossed and smirk firmly in place.  “I’m your opponent now.  Envy.”  
This was the time that all other homunculi would gasp, or pale, or start begging to be spared.  Instead of doing any of those things, this one looked right back up, meeting Envy’s eyes squarely and flashing a grin filled with sharp teeth.  
“Charmed,”  he replied.  “I, Envy…”
And then Envy felt something sharp dig into his throat, as the other homunculus continued to grin toothily.  “…am Greed.”  
Envy might have reacted, had Greed’s fingers not been buried in his throat.  The chance meeting another homunculus who bore the name of the Sins, one of the seven strongest in existence, here, of all places, was phenomenally low.  And yet, it still managed to happen.  
Instead, Envy pulled away (ripping his own throat out in the process) and glared with everything he had.  As soon as his body was done healing, he launched himself at the taller homunculus, transforming his hands into claws.  
Yet, they rebounded from the placed Envy attempted to slash, as if Envy had just thrown something as flimsy as a pillow at him.  As he was turning to attack again, Envy finally noticed a smokey black…something covering Greed’s exposed arms.  
Greed simply smiled, a smile that proclaimed sure victory.  “Solidified carbon shielding.  Nothing you try will get through it, Envy.”  
He said Envy’s name almost as an insult, then swatted the green-haired homunculus into a wall, looking for all the world like he had just received his very favorite possession.  
Roy, on the other hand, was having no problems with his new opponent, because the blonde had been knocked out by the force of impact with the ground from Roy’s tackle.  
Needless to say, the black-haired man had no idea what to do.  So, he settled for “guarding” him, in case he woke up.  
Looking him over, Roy said the first thing that came to mind.  “Pretty small, aren’t you?”  
Immediately following the comment, furious golden eyes snapped open and the boy say up.  
“I never said—” Roy began, but was quickly cut off.  
“Shove it bastard!” the boy yelled, clapping his hands together.  Then, he put them to the ground.  Alchemic lighting flashed, and then a giant fist was hurtling towards Roy.  
So, Roy sent a blast of flames at it, hotter and larger than the last one he had made, completely incinerating the danger.  
The boy stared at Roy as if he had just grown another head.  
“So then shrimp—” Roy barely moved fast enough to catch the fist the much smaller boy threw it him.  After he caught it (dangerously close to his face) he wondered why it felt like he had just caught a cannonball barehanded.  
“Don’t call me shrimp,” he growled, glaring.  
“Well then, what should I call you?” Roy asked, trying to bring down his frustration levels.  “I’m just calling things as I see them.”  
“Edward Elric,” the boy snarled in reply.  
“Well then Ed—” Roy was once again cut off as Hughes’s voice crackled into his ear.  
“This mission is an abort!  I repeat, abort!  Envy, Mustang, pull out!”  
“Mustang?  What?”  It seemed Edward was close enough to hear part of the message.  
“I’ll be going now,” Roy replied, jumping away.  He then called a small flame and directed it towards the long red coat Ed was wearing.  Then, he ran.  
As he was turning the corner, he caught one last glimpse of the blonde, which revealed metal glinting where his right arm should have been.  
“Well that explains the force of the punch,” Roy thought as he ran.  “An automail arm.”  
He barreled out of the doors of the building and immediately ran towards the van.  Hughes threw the back open , and Roy jumped in as soon as he could.  
“I’m being followed!” Envy’s voice blasted through the communicator.  
“Roger that,” Hughes replied.  “Havoc, it’s up to you.”  The blonde man pulled out a large gun and aimed towards the door as Envy ran out.  Greed was only a second behind.  
When they were halfway to the van, Envy transformed into a small bird, leaving Greed totally open to attack.  Havoc used this to his advantage, firing the gun.  He hit Greed squarely in the chest, knocking him back from the impact.  Envy made it to the van, Fuery slammed the doors shut, and Breda pounded on the gas, sending the van screeching off into the night. 

A few points to be made:
1.  Homunculi are much more common in this "world".  A better explination of how the whole name thing works is given in a later chapter.  
2.  The arm thing may now be forgotten.  I never bring it up again.  Welcome to the first plothole. 

Constructive criticism is totally appreciated.  Otherwise just let me know what you think. 

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