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[Fic] This is What I Chose

Title: This is What I Chose
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Pairings: Royai (although, it's completely up to you to interpret.)
Rating: PG
Genre: Angst

This a plot bunny that hopped into my head while I was reading (well looking, it was raw) this doujinshi about what if Hughes became a Homunculus. The point-of-view is of Roy, and it's a 'What if?' in the Anime!verse. They might be OOC, because of the situation at hand, but I tried to keep it IC as much as possible.

Cemetery- Night

  Digging up my best friend’s grave isn’t, a dream of mine, but Fullmetal told me the only way to stop a Homunculus is to get a piece of their body’s remains. This is what my men and I are doing. There came a banging sound as we hit the casket.

  This is wrong, but it has to be done.

  “Havoc, grab the right side with Fuery. Breda, you’re helping me on the left.” The men nodded in agreement, and did as they were told. We lifted the casket up, and Havoc produced a crowbar. He handed it to me, and I had the honor of opening Pandora’s Box. There came the immediate odor of embalming fluid. They held their noses, as I cut open the flesh of my departed friend. The wind was picking up, and the humidity was at an all time high this year.

  Whoever is responsible for that creature is going to pay.

  I closed the casket softly, it was the least I could do, after defiling his resting place. There came the roar of thunder, and it started to pour, as we began putting the coffin back into the ground. My legs felt weak, and I began puking into a bag I brought just in case.

  Forgive me, friend.

Headquarters- Morning

  The next day, we couldn’t look at each other. I couldn’t look at Lieutenant Hawkeye either. She told me not to go to his grave, but did I listen? No. I am a man who wants to become Fuhrer, a man who wants revenge for the untimely death of my best friend, the very man who stood by me from the very beginning. I couldn’t think of anything except that odor, or anything else for that matter. I hastily stood up knocking my chair down, and raced towards the restroom. I raced to the sink, and turned the knob. I squeezed the soap dispenser until my hand was full of green goop.

  Damn! Fullmetal, you better be right!   No matter how much I washed my hands, it would never erase my sins.

Road to Bradley’s Estate- Night

  I handed Fullmet Edward the box containing the remains of my dear friend. He looked surprised, but quickly relaxed. I went to salute him, but quickly lowered my hand for a handshake goodbye. He smirked, and tapped it lightly. He raced off to God knows where, and I entered the car. I’m getting my revenge, because that is what I chose, for the greater good.


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