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Episode 31

Okay, sorry for falling asleep again. XD;;

Anyways... This episode was awesome.

We are at Central station. The National Alchemists that are going to the slums are all talking about Scar and stuff. Not the main attraction the episode.
Leo and his brother are back and talking with Scar's mentor person after looking and stuff -- no audio. The mentor looks upset.
Scar looks at his arm, then the symbol.
The man in episode 30 that Scar was told to stay away from comes in.
He is scared as hell and looks at Scar's arm. "That arm, too..."


Episode 31: Sin (Tsumi)

We are at the South HQ. The phone is ringing in the background.
Armstrong: "You bastard... Kimblee... Why are you alive?!"
Archer: "... Kimblee?!... The Crimson Alchemist?"
Ed: "A National Alchemist?!..."
Archer: "You killed everyone at Ishbal -- "
Kimblee: "I came here to see things go~"
Lizard-Bastard: "BO~OM~!!"

Anyways. The Fuehrer begins to think... in Envy's voice. =3
Then, Ed goes to Izumi-sensei, but she kicks him in the stomach and runs.
Al is in here way "Please, wait, Sensei!"
Fuehrer!Envy quickly snatches our Homunculus that has stolen our hearts and Ed's limbs.
He starts to run, but Izumi does her alchemy thing, and turns the walls in a giant fist. Alex stops the fist with his own. An awesome alchemy battle insues. Ed tries to go after the boy, but Lizard-dude puts his tail around him. Kimblee puts his hand on Al, but Al quickly steps aside before he is blown up.
Anyways, Ed transmutes his arm into a blade and starts cutting the tail. The guy lets go. Al grabs on and takes 'im for a spin.

Now we go to our Homunculkus boy of wonder.Envy transforms into his sexy self. Envy gives him some incomplete Philosopher's Stones to eat. He tries one, and then starts pigging out. Envy starts to walk away, but the boy uses alchemy to get the stones back for eatin'. Envy things that it is amazing. ^^
Envy thens tells him that they are not human, but homunculus, and that the boy is not human, too.
He freaks out. And the boy starts to remember things about Izumi, and the gate, and Izumi's baby. His eyes go all demon-slit-like.

Lizard and Kimblee blow up a walk and walk out. Kimblee sees Archer and he is pointing a gun at him. Frank introduces himself. Frank talks about Basq Gran, and if Kimblee saw him. He says 'Who knows?"

Back to the kyoudai. They are searching for their sensei. They spot the major and he says he's in pain, and holds his side. Then Al points out that his wound is on his other side.

Anyways, Izumi is limping against the walk as she walks. The boy opens up the door and runs out (in new clothes). He hugs her. Izumi notices the red circles on his body. She then looks in and sees the Fuehrer all bloody; she walks away. The Envy is finished acting with him. He then changes into some random National Alchemist and walks off.

The kyoudai are still searching. Al sais, "Senseis not in here, either..." as he opens a door. Ed wonders why Izumi is doing this. They here some shouting and Al says they have to go.

We are with Frank in this, like, filing room. Alex comes in and Frank asks if the kyoudai were caught. He says no.
Frank begins to say something. "Major... -- No... " and tells Alex to nevermind it.

Eye Catcher

Back at the Seig's house of meat. Winry walks in and explains what Izumi did. And how Izumi did human transmutation at Yoku Island.

We are at Yoku island with Izumi and the boy. The boy is all evil-like.
Izumi remembers what she did. She placed her baby on a circle and then woke up and coughed blood. She looked at her child as it began to move. Then, it was disgusting. Its eyes were huge; something when horribly wrong.
Back to the present; Izumi has her hands around the boy's neck. "What are you doing? Hurry and do it."

The Elrics and Winry are at the island and find Izumi-sensei. Envy is walking from above.
The boy is strangling Izumi now. Ed throws a rock and tells him to stop. He jumps away. Izumi starts to breathe again. Ed is about to kill the boy with his blade. Izumi tells him to stop and that it's fine. Winry says "But he tried to strangle you!!..."
Izumi said she deserved it. Ed asked why. She said she sacrificed her child.
Back in the past, again. After Izumi failed, she went back to the gate with her broken child. She gave the gate her failed transmutation.
During this, Izumi asked what Ed saw at the gate. Ed says he saw everything about Alchemy. I saw "The Truth." The gate takes her crying child and Izumi screams at herself for what she had done. Then the kyoudai asks what it has to do with the boy. That homunculus are created humans. Izumi asks if they know how homunculus are created. Ed says he "I understand what you mean, but... isn't that a kimera?"

The boy starts asking how humans have the right to do flesh forging. And how they have a right to give someone a created soul. And how he is truly a homunculus now. Ed asks who did it. And the boy told him it was Envy. "That bastard?!" "That's right! Envy told be what all of you did and about flesh forging!!"

We see some scenes about the slums. And how the army is coming. Yoki is so happy. Lust and Gluttony are there.
Sloth is all water-y in the ocean traveling to the island.
Greed-tachi are there, too. Envy greats them. They start fighting. Envy is, of course, awesome to the max. Then Sloth appears by making the lackies go into a tornado of fun!!
"Sloth!" Envy says.
"Nice to meet you, Greed."
Greeds says that they out number him this time, and leaves.
Sloth asks what Envy is doing. He says he's playing around with the Hagane no Boy. Sloth says that Edward Elric needs to make the Kenja no Ishi. Envy goes insane and piss and starts laughing.
Back to Ed-tachi and the boy.

He talks about how Ed gave him his arm and leg during the flesh forging and when he got the leg, the gate opened for him and he walked out. "Alright!! I did it!!" the boys says, starting at His-Ed's arm.
"You're lying!!" Ed says.
"Thank you for your limbs."
Then we see Izumi. "For the body, thank you."
"Now... I shall show you who's human!!" And starts to attack Ed, but Al pushes Ed out of the way. The boy kicks into Al's arm, but Al pushes him back. He lands on his feet.

"Oh, it hurts~"
"Brother... Brother's arms are on you... "
"Al, stop it!! -- "Winry says.
"BUT!! He has brother's limbs..."
"Al... " Ed says.
"I'll get them back... it is what we have been searching for!!" Al says as he charging at the boy.

Motherland by Crystal Kay.

Episode 32: Deep Forest of Dante
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