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[OT4 Lyrics Challenge] ... And Ever Widening Slowly Silence All

Award: Best Story to Curl Up With In a Tent During a Sandstorm (The author also receives the honorary award of Most Obsessive-Compulsive Revisionist, for the record.)
A/N: Wears the badge proudly!
Title: “…And Ever Widening Slowly Silence All”
Word Count 4500 (somewhere around there, anyway)
Author: c_b_syndrome.
Pairing: None, really. Unless you squint real hard, hold your tongue just right, and tilt your head to the left, then it –might- be construed as Hughes/Mustang.
Disclaimer: Not mine, I’m just playing in this sandbox.
Rating: Hard PG-13, tapping on the shoulders of R for intense themes and brief full-frontal male nudity.
Author's Notes: The story just dips its toe into the mangaverse in that Hughes is stationed at Ishbal. The rest could be considered a/u, or divergent time-line, or somesuch. You decide.
Betas: fictionalizedme who cheered me on and picked at the rougher parts; aliasheist who performed triage on my trainwreck of an opening; mjules who was gentle, and stroked my ego in a big way when she first read this; and of course, nebroadwe who seems to channel Hughes in the most delightful ways. All whip-wielding betas rock my socks!

OT4 Challenge lyrics: I stumble like a blind man//With eyes blacked out, a mouth of sand//And you rescued me… Kevin Max (You Are the One)

Summary: Most people only listened to words, but the silences between them could also speak volumes to the attentive ear.

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