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02 August 2006 @ 02:24 pm
amestris_high rp  
I posted this last week, and we've had a blast doing this, but we still need some characters! They're disappearing rapidly, so please apply before all the good ones gone.

I've created a new FMA role-play community called amestris_high. This is an rp comm that takes FMA and sets it in high school complete with all the drama and excitement of real high school. A list of playable characters may be found here

How to apply You can apply by comment on this entry or go to the comm.

Which other FMA related communities you are a member of:
Character you wish to play:
Why you wish to play this character:

We really need some people to play the remaining characters. Everyone has been having a lot of fun, but I know it will be even better once we fill in some more people. Please join and thanks for your support!

WARNING: right now this comm has an elricest, yaoi, and yuri slant so if you don't like, don't join!