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Another of my little theories

As the subject says, I'm theorising yet again on the sins and who they may be. Here be spoilers, spoilers, spoilers. Up to and including ep31 and big parts of the manga.

Ok, ignore me if this has been said already, but I have a Theory. We've established that Moofy is not a sin (yet. whimper) but IS a homunculus. We know Lust, Gluttony, Envy, Greed and Sloth. We're missing Wrath and Pride, yes?

So. It has been put forward that the Fuhrer is Wrath. This comes from the happenings in the manga. However, it's clear that there is a lot of deviation from the manga to the anime series. Wrath has not been mentioned at all as far as I remember in the series so far. It would appear he either doesn't yet exist or not even the Sins know who he is. So. So, so, so. Mayhap Fuhrer-dearest is NOT Wrath. Now, hear me out. And let's take a look at Pride for a minute.

What we know about Pride so far:
- Greed says he/she is looking for 'them' (the Elrics, we assume) and phrases it in such a way that suggests Pride is working with Lust et al, or that they at least know about each other. This suggests Moofy is not Pride.
- It has been theorised that Archer is Hughes transmuted and is Pride. The more I think about it, the less likely this seems. We know Sloth to be the youngest Sin, so Archer cannot be Hughes. They do NOT have the same voice actor (or so my investigation tells me). Yes, he has the complexion for a Sin, but he seemed damn surprised when Envy/Fuhrer turned up at Southern Headquarters. If he was Pride and working with Envy he would have known about this.
- Pride has been mentioned once or twice. He is definitely known to the other Sins.

Judging by the previews for ep31 Moofy will become a Sin. He cannot become Pride as the other Sins already know who Pride is. Whilst the Envy/Moofy hybrid theory put forward is interesting and certainly possible with Moofy's body transmutation skills, there is another option.

Moofy will become Wrath.

I know this would be serious deviation from the manga, but it is just my sleep-deprived 6am ramblings.

IF Moofy becomes Wrath (the only sin left) that would make the Fuhrer (I'm still certain he will be a Sin) Pride, no? And would fit with the brief mentions of Pride we've heard so far.


If you manage to read all that, firstly, congratulations on your patience and secondly, let me know what you think, m'okay?
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