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01 August 2006 @ 09:45 am
Fan Art #3: AlxRiza (+ Black Hayate): 'Forest Path'  
Fan Art #3: AlxRiza (+ Black Hayate): 'Forest Path'

You know, you'd have thought I'd have learned my lesson last time about doodling on printer paper, but noooo: I did the same thing I did on 'Fulfilled Wishes' and sketched this on printer paper, and started inking it, and then suddenly it's marker, colored pencil, and a dabble of gouache later, and I STILL have not learned my lesson. 7x9 inches large.

The plus side is, at least, that the marker this time is a bit more even.  It's like I'm willing it to obey me, even though the paper is crying out curses and decaying and lifting before my very eyes.

Anyway: I'm pretty pleased with how this turned out!  And even a half-arse background to boot!


This was inspired by sky_dark's  FullMetal Alchemist fan fiction (which made me have a soft spot for non-canon pairings like AlxRiza done in sky_dark's own world.  Here Al would be about 22 in "spirit." That makes Riza early 30's then I suppose? This was done for me, pretty much. ;)  I did something for myself! (gasp!).... and there isn't nearly enough AlxRiza art. Bwaha!

This also is not at all what I was planning as far as the original composition, but it works decently.  Next time I'll actually use the correct paper so I can do what I originally intended with color. ~_~

I'm too delerious right now to get close-ups of Black Hayate, etc. Wooo!  But if anyone wants anything, just give me a hollar. :)

I don't really do much in the way of "lovey" art-type things, but I'm pretty pleased with how this turned out.  Far from perfect, but I like the "feel" of it, and it makes me go "naw."

One thing I REALLY wish I could redo would be (aside from actually referencing... anything), Black Hayate.  I was trying for a puppy and mature dogish mix, and I'm not pleased with how he turned out, but ah well: there will be other times.

I'd ask that if you are interested in doing anything with this image, that you ask permission first before you do anything.  Thanks so much!


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Jellybean Whisperertheregaltigress on August 2nd, 2006 03:30 am (UTC)

"Roy Mustang: Sex Ed" is the first story, and "Better Living Through Alchemy" is the second (continuation). The AlxRiza stuff is slow to come about, but once you start to get to it, it makes your heart melt soooo much.